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Kids Natural Food Diet Is Fun!

kids cooking healthy Children deserve to live a healthy life without dieting. Natural Food Diet can be fun and good for them too. Teach your children whole food choices.

2 Unique Turkey Leftover Recipes

Looking for new turkey leftover recipes? Tired of the same old ideas? Try these great recipes for something different with leftover turkey.

Special Needs Cooking In The Kitchen

Positive Attitude Overcomes Handicaps & Disabilities

My Aunt Mimi was born with cerebral palsy.  At the time of her birth my grandparents were told that she would not live to age one.  Her parents would not accept that, and they became her strongest advocates.  She went on to live a long, fulfilled and healthy life in spite of many handicaps and disabilities.

Aunt Mimi (center) with Deb (baby) and her Mom, Juliette Desmond

Aunt Mimi (center) with Deb (baby) and Jo

Her Dad, Daniel Desmond, insisted that she get a good education even if the school systems of the time looked at physical disabilities as if they were mental disabilities.

As …

All Diets Include Fresh Herbs

Now We’re Cooking TV – Cooking with Herbs

The closer your food is to its original state, the better it is for you. Every healthy diet includes herbs and spices. On this episode of Now We’re Cooking, Deb teaches you how to save the fresh herbs that are growing like crazy now, so that you have them when you need them for future use. Herbs have a long history in the diets of many civilizations for centuries. When you hear “old wives tales” about the benefits of fresh herbs in your diet, it is based on history and facts. Enjoy …

Summer Salad Diet Solutions – Chopped Salad

colossal pasta salad recipeThis is a terrific diet and weight watcher’s recipe (4 exchanges) that the whole family will love. It will add some zip to any healthy living program.

A diet really means eating to sustain life, not avoiding food to lose weight.

Super, Sensational, Simple Summer Salad Solutions

This is one of my favorite Summer favorites. It is quick to make and intense in flavor due to the balsamic vinegar.

It is a recipe that is always included in my cooking class called “Super, Sensational, Simple Summer Salad Solutions”.

Healthy Living = Ideal Weight

When you focus on what you want… …

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