Happy Wow! Customers: Testimonials

Words of praise from WOW! visitors, 6 week diet graduates and those who have attended Deb Bixler’s live events!

From Industry Professionals

Deb presented her children’s program to the National Cancer Institute’s Take Your Child To Work Day 3 years in a row.
On Behalf of the entire Take Your Child To Work Day committee, I would like to thank you for presenting your program to our employees’ children here at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick.

Striving to eat five fruits and veggies a day is an important message for all children to hear. Your presentation was fun, compelling and informative!

We hope you are available to present again at next year’s event, as many parents commented on how wonderful your children’s program is.

Craig W. Reynolds, Ph.D, Associate Director, National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD

Dr. Ken Jones
Deb is knowledgeable, upbeat and her WOW! website and diet program makes dieting fun.

She is a dynamic and impactful presenter that keeps the audience engaged!

Dr. Ken Jones, Well-Being Radio

Sondra Ream
Wellness Works, the adult healthy education department of the Susan P. Byrnes Healthy Education Center, has partnered with Deb Bixler for several years as a complement to the corporate wellness programs we offer to local businesses and the after school programs for kids.

Ms. Bixler has offered entertaining cooking demonstrations, children’s wellness education and lifestyle workshops as a part of programming provided to the community.

Deb’s passion for healthy living and her contagious enthusiasm thoroughly capture the attention of the audience each time she presents. She grabs the attention of all ages and her fun and interactive way of teaching is very unique.

Sondra Ream, Susan P. Byrnes Healthy Education Center, York PA

Words From Those At Live Events

Invite Deb to speak or cook at your next event! Visit DebBixler.com to learn more about the many speaking services she provides.

Deb’s program is great!

She held the students’ attention and taught them tips on eating healthy that they never heard before. She is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. She has a teaching style that keeps everyone’s attention and drives the point home. The students were definitely impacted by the time Deb spent in our classroom.

Stephanie McGlynn, High School Teacher, York County, PA

Erica Rich
Deb Bixler came in to our youth group recently to talk about healthier eating and to show us how to make a few easy and healthy snacks.

Deb has a great speaking style and kept the youth (and the facilitators) engaged the whole time.

Needless to say, the food was also amazing. She even included recipe cards for everyone to take home.

I was very impressed with Deb’s presentation and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great speaker.

Erica Rich, Youth Coordinator, Planned Parenthood, South Central PA

Thanks, Deb! Since taking your course at the Senior Center last year, I have been eating more real foods. The processed foods are to a minimum.

I’ve lost 15 pounds and kept it off (without really trying) except for a brief relapse over Thanksgiving.

I am thankful it is so easy when I just eat what’s good for me and take the time to drink plenty of water. That 2-hour cooking class really impacted me! Thanks for a fun class – just wanted you to know that you really changed the way I eat in that short time!

Cindy J., (March 2014)

6 Week Diet Program Grads

The 6 Weeks To The New You is a simple diet program that gives you small tips each day which add up to a healthy you!

Matt Cristol
I was really worried about my son and was searching the web for information on how to get him interested in losing weight. I found the Wow! program and got it to try to help him lose weight.

It changed our whole family and I lost 23 pounds myself. Jeromy feels a lot better about himself and we are all proud of our accomplishments. The Wow! program is so simple, but I never would have thought that such simple steps would make such a big impact on our lives.

Matt Cristol, & Son Jeromy

Lois Soringer
Deb, I just wanted to tell you that I lost 15 pounds in the 6 Week weight loss program and I know I will be hitting my goal of taking another 20 off.

The important thing that I see most is that I have more energy. I feel as though I have more time in a day and get more done. That alone is worth the cost of the program. I can tell that this is something that I can keep up on and not go back to my old ways like I always did on other diets. Thanks- Lois

Lois Soringer, Kalamazoo, MI

Charles P.
My Hba1c dropped from 8.4 to 6.1. My total cholesterol from 225 to 136. Triglycerides from 334 to 94. I am so pleased with your plan.

The Wow! 6 Week Diet really helped me with my diabetes! I was also pleased with your personal phone calls – what a morale booster they were.

Charles P., York, PA

Alexis Goldsmith
Thank you so much for sharing the 6 Week weight loss program with me. I am not even close to taking off the whole 75 pounds that would put me where I want to be, but I am really on a good track now.

I did lose 11 pounds and feel good. Before I was always weak and then my will power stopped working…. finally found something that is working and I am not always starving to death! Thanks-Deb for all the info you shared.

Alexis Goldsmith, Newark DE

Penny R.
After 5 weeks of the 6 week diet I had lost over 20 pounds and my blood glucose levels have dropped from over 300 mg/dl to regularly being around 175-190!

My doctor is thrilled and said that if I keep this up I can get off the pump! This is something I am sticking with!

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your diet program and way of life with me. It was my lucky day when I stumbled into your 6 Week program and website last year.

Since the first picture I sent you I have lost an additional 43 pounds using your recipes and weight loss program. I owe it all to you. You changed my life!

Penny R., Lansing, MI

Deb, your natural diet program is splendidly detailed, easy to understand and is offered faithfully day by day.

For me, it is as near perfect as possible. You make yourself/your guidance available yet the responsibility, as it must be, lies with me.

The program has changed my life! I have so happy with my progress and thrilled to have you as a mentor. I have more energy. I lost weight. I have fewer food cravings and am more committed to my personal health. Thank you so much!

Mary Joyce Love, (June 2011)

Hi Deb,
I’ve been gone for awhile to California to visit a longtime family friend. I was not able to check email while I was gone,

However I’ve been doing real good sticking to the 6 week plan. I’ve lost close to 10 already and feel wonderful. It works. No complaints here. Getting caught up on the emails now!! Thanks!

Cheryl Hunt, (Week 3 of 6 Weeks)

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