Super Food, Yogurt Has Many Health Benefits

Healthy Benefits Of Yogurt Greater Than Milk

Yogurt has nutritional benefits greater than milk. Consistent consumption of yogurt will bring you a variety of health benefits. It is particularly helpful for many intestinal conditions due to the “good bacteria” or probotics that it contains. All yogurts made with live cultures include probotics.  Studies have also shown that the consumption of low fat yogurt can promote weight loss, increase your immune system and bring many health benefits. Many people who have moderate lactose intolerance can usually enjoy yogurt with no side effects. Due to the many healthy benefits that yogurt provides, it is frequently considered one of the top Super Foods.

Easy To Add Super Food, Yogurt In Daily Diet

  • You can use yogurt instead of mayonnaise in potato salad, chicken salad or with tuna.
  • It tastes great as a topping for baked potatoes or with tacos instead of sour cream.
  • Any creamy salad dressing can be made with yogurt as opposed to sour cream, real cream or mayonnaise.

Healthy Benefits Choices

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be creative. Anytime you can make a better choice you are improving your health. Small choices like putting yogurt on your sandwich or baked potato add up and contribute to your lifelong good health. Next time you pick up the mayonnaise jar, try a little yogurt instead. You can substitute yogurt entirely or try a blend.  Living a healthy life and experiencing the benefits of lifelong good health is a choice that you make every day.  Every diet choice is effecting your health.

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