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Food Is Your Best Medicine

The doctrine of signatures tell us that Food Is Your Best Medicine..Read what the healthiest foods that heal you are!

How To Prevent Heart Disease With Garlic

Learn a natural way to prevent heart disease with garlic. A consistent use of garlic in cooking is good for your heart.

Cooking Quinoa – Nutritional Facts & Recipe

Super Food Quinoa A Nutritionally Complete Grain

The grain quinoa, is a nutritionally complete protein.

It is a grain that has all of the essentianutritional facts quinoal amino acids that are usually only contained in animal proteins.

A healthy diet must include all the essential amino acids. An essential amino acid is one which our body can not manufacture.  Animal proteins have all the essential amino acids and so does quinoa.

If you are a vegetarian then it is esssential to good health that you are able to consume all the amino acids in a nutritionally sound diet by eating whole …

Super Food, Yogurt Has Many Health Benefits

Healthy Benefits Of Yogurt Greater Than Milk

Yogurt has nutritional benefits greater than milk. Consistent consumption of yogurt will bring you a variety of health benefits. It is particularly helpful for many intestinal conditions due to the “good bacteria” or probotics that it contains. All yogurts made with live cultures include probotics.  Studies have also shown that the consumption of low fat yogurt can promote weight loss, increase your immune system and bring many health benefits. Many people who have moderate lactose intolerance can usually enjoy yogurt with no side effects. Due to the many healthy benefits that yogurt provides, …

Natural Super Foods & The Doctrine Of Signatures

The Doctrine Of Signatures is an ancient belief that natural foods and plants tell us what the beneficial uses of that plant are, based on its structure or “signature.” For example, a plant bearing parts that resembled a human body part would have benefits keeping that part of the body healthy. Not much has been written or studied about this philosophy in modern times, but it is interesting to note certain things. The two examples that I find fascinating are the super foods, tomatoes and walnuts.

Good For Heart
Good For Heart

Tomatoes are red and have four chambers, just like the human …

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