Organic Homemade Ketchup (Good For Diabetic)

The Bixler family has always been big fans of ketchup. Since I eat a lot of ketchup I insist on organic. This ensures that we get only pesticide-free tomatoes and also that there is no high fructose corn sweetener in it.

I decided to start making my own ketchup when my favorite organic prepared ketchup brand got discontinued in the local grocery store.
homemade ketchup recipe

Make Your Own Ketchup

I already had a brand of organic whole peeled or diced tomatoes that I loved and used often, so how hard could it be to turn them into ketchup!?

Homemade Ketchup Recipe

My homemade ketchup recipe took a bit more effort than I expected.

I am sure I have made over a dozen batches in order to get one that is close to the flavor that everyone loves.

I rarely measure but the ingredient quantities below are pretty close.

Really, the flavor of ketchup is a personal thing so you should experiment with different types of sweeteners and vinegars. I started with balsamic vinegar and tried others but ended up back at balsamic.

I started with no sugar at all and ran through a few options and have finally settled on this as our new family ketchup recipe.

The yield will depend on how long you cook it and also the brand or cut of tomatoes.

When I used the canned diced tomatoes (as opposed to whole peeled) I had to cook it a lot longer and got a much smaller yield.

1 can (28 oz) Cento whole peeled tomatoes
1/2 cup onion diced
6 turns on the pepper mill
1 Tbs. honey
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 tsp. dry oregano
1 clove garlic-peeled

  1. 1.  Blend all ingredients except garlic in blender till smooth.
    2.  Put in heavy pot and cook on very low for 45 minutes covered but vented.
    3.  Add garlic clove.
    4.  Cook for 30 minutes
    5.  Blend in blender again and pour into bottles

Diabetic Ketchup

The advantages of this recipe for a diabetic is that you can use less sugar or none at all.

I have made this exact recipe once without any sweetener at all and it was pretty good. The balsamic vinegar has a bit of its own sweetness.

Another time I added raisins as the sweetener. It was tasty too and the addition of the fiber from the raisins makes it a good sweetener for diabetics.

Make Your Own Recipe

Make this recipe your own.

Add more seasoning or garlic and play around with the flavors. I tried many different combinations and flavors before I settled on this recipe.

Fresh herbs were nice but my goal was a fast recipe that tasted mainstream.

Try it!

It may be perfect for your family too or you may have to tweak it up a bit!

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