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5 A Day Wellness Education For Elementary School Programs

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This fun, interactive and attention grabbing 5-A-Day elementary and middle school assembly teaches kids the difference between whole food and processed food, and is sure to keep the attention of children ages 5-14. Fast paced and full of surprises, Debbie Banana teams up with Bobbie Banana and The Mad Scientist to POWER up some convenience foods that are sure to impress everyone in this wellness program. Music, video, power tools, Bobbie Banana and dynamic Deb will keep the kids and teachers alike in awe!

Assembly For Kids Health and Wellness

Mad Scientist-School ProgramWhen the kids leave this assembly they will understand the difference between whole food and processed foods. They will be invited to take action and become willing to make better food choices. After this health and wellness assembly your students will be asking their parents to cook from scratch and purchase foods with less non-food additives.

5-A-Day Elementary Wellness Assembly

Invite Deb & Bobbie Banana to your elementary or middle school wellness assembly and she will change the way your students and staff think about the foods they eat. 5-A-Day will be the mantra of your school students. That’s 5 fruits or veggies a day and 5 ingredients in scratch-home made macaroni and cheese.

On Behalf of the entire Take Your Child To Work Day 2008 committee, I would like to thank you for presenting your program to our employee’s children here at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick. Your message comparing whole foods to processed foods is relevant as many individuals don’t know proper nutrition in our society. Your message about the consequences of eating a diet full of high fructose corn syrup was presented in a fun and interactive style that impacted the kids. Thank you very much for your participation again this year. We hope you are available to present again at next year’s event, as many parents commented on how wonderful your program is. National Cancer Institute 2007 PDF
Craig W. Reynolds, Ph.D, Associate Director, Department Of Health and Human Services,National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD

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Deb Banana Assembly

5-A-Day Challenge For Healthy for Kids!

Did your son or daughter meet the challenge? If so just fill in the blanks below and I will send his/her certificate along with a FREE recording of the “8 Biggest Health Mistakes”most people make to you, and your E- Cookbook.

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