What Speeds Up Your Metabolism?

Your Diet Speeds Up Metabolism

Your diet is key to speeding up your metabolism. Your Metabolism is your body’s ability to process food and utilize the nutrients which create your energy and health. The many processes involved in this your metabolism are the basis of life, allowing cells to grow and reproduce, eliminate stress, breathe, and even lose weight, to name only a few. Your metabolism is affected by many things you have no control over like age, climate, and sex. Things that you do have control over also have a huge impact on your metabolism. A whole food diet as opposed to processed food will increase and speed up your metabolism because it has an higher fiber content. It is important to never skip a meal or go on any type of starvation diet. You should always eat healthy snacks between meals. Another way to Increase metabolism is by eating several smaller meals per day, about every 3 hours.

Exercise Speeds Up Metabolism

Another really easy way to increase your metabolism is to exercise. Your body requires more energy and our metabolism increases in order to supply it. When you incorporate do-anywhere exercises into your life, you metabolism will increase automatically. Do calf raises at the grocery store while waiting in line. Do the cheek squeeze while standing at the bus stop. (That is the butt cheeks.) Did you know that the healthy people never have to drive around looking for a parking spot at the mall, because the ones out by the road are reserved for those interested in increasing their metabolism!

Speed Up Your Metabolism

In the Wow! You Are Really Lucky…. You Have A Really High Metabolism! program, you will learn living skills and foods that speed up your metabolism, even when you are sleeping!

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