Losing Weight Without Slowing Metabolism Is Easy

It is easy to lose weight without slowing your metabolism down

As a matter of fact the easiest way to lose weight is to increase your metabolism. When you lose weight without slowing down your metabolism you actually burn more calories when you are resting. Your resting metabolism rate (RMR) is how many calories you burn when you are doing nothing. There are many ways you can increase the amount of calories you burn or use when you are resting. The best way to lose weight without slowing your metabolism is to exercise more. Not only does exercise burn more calories when you are doing the exercise; when you are resting you your metabolism continues to burn at a higher level for several hours after you have exercised. People always say to me Wow, you are really lucky… you have a high metabolism. What they really mean is that I have a high energy level. Your metabolism creates your energy, because when your body has all the nutrient it needs and is capable of using them properly, that creates energy. Exercise will create more energy even when you are not exercising because your metabolism continues to burn like a crackling fire. So many people ask me about my energy that I create a CD set to teach you how to do the same. You can learn more about starting your metabolism burning like a roaring fire in the home study set, Wow! You Are Really Lucky…. You Have A High Metabolism! In the 6 CD and 2 DVD set you will learn skills to keep you metabolism burning like a crackling fire and fun, fast, healthy recipes that your family will love! It is all about skill power, not will power.

Healthy Weight Loss Program

Some really easy skills to lose weight without slowing your metabolism down are:

  • Take a short walk before bed to burn more calories while you sleep.
  • When you get up in the morning look out the window at the sun, or turn on lights so that your mind and body start burning calories and jump starts your metabolism.
  • Use red pepper instead of black pepper.
  • Always eat protein, carbs and fiber every time you eat. This allows you to digest your meal slower, absorb more nutrients and burn more calories during the digestion process.

There are zillions more ways to loose weight without slowing your metabolism down. I will share more in a few days.

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    pls help me to reduce weight.
    i am 37 years old female and my weight
    is 90kgs

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