How To Roast A Pepper – Poblano Pepper Recipe

Of course it is easier to buy a pepper already roasted, but there are many reasons that you may want to learn how to roast a pepper!
[pinit count=”horizontal”]Roast Pepper

  • Better Flavor!
  • More Fun!
  • It is easy!
  • More variety in types of peppers!
  • Cheaper!

At the grocery store you are pretty much limited to roasted red peppers. At home it is not that complicated and you can use any type of pepper you want.

This is a poblano pepper. I especially like poblano peppers because of their smooth smokey flavor even before roasting. The roasting process enhances their natural flavors!

How To Roast A Pepper

  1. Wash and dry your pepper(s).
  2. Oil them up really well. I usually use olive oil but you can use any kind of oil you want.
  3. Place the pepper on a preheated hot grill and grill until BLACK – I mean black!!
  4. When charred on all sides remove from grill and immediately wrap in parchment paper. This steams the  pepper.
  5. After about 30 minutes or longer open your paper and gently peel the pepper. The skin will come off easily.
  6. The seeds will also pop out pretty easily by a gentle tug on the stem.
  7. Rinse your pepper(s) under cold water to get any charred pieces of skin off and you are ready to use it!

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If The Recipe Calls For Roasted Red Pepper…

Any recipe that calls for a roasted red pepper can use any kind of roasted pepper in it.

Most recipes call for red peppers because you can not find roasted poblano peppers or other varieties in your conventional grocery store.

The meat of the pepper will be striped with black after peeling, but it will not have a burnt taste.

If you do not have a grill the same effect can be accomplished by placing the oiled pepper right on an electric burner or an open gas stove flame. This is often the way restaurants do it.

Try to get your pepper charred on all sides but not burnt through.

Beware When Roasting Peppers

If you leave a pepper on the grill too long…. just forget about it, then it may turn into a dinosaur tooth!

how to roast a pepper

This WELL roasted pepper is as hard as a ceramic pepper and has the look, feel and life expectancy of your average dinosaur tooth!

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    Healthy Corned “Beef” and Cabbage Recipe

    Healthy Beef Recipe = Use Turkey

    One of the easiest ways to make a beef recipe healthier is to use turkey.

    Almost every beef or pork recipe can be made with turkey. I love a nice “Pork” and sauerkraut made with turkey legs. Just make it as usual but use skinless turkey legs or thighs.

    When it is fall-off-the-bone tender, pull all the turkey off the bone and call it pork!

    No one will be the wiser!

    Corned “Beef” and Cabbage With Spring Vegetables Recipe

    corned beef and cabbage recipeI made this at a recent cooking class and everyone LOVED it.

    The spices are the key to making corned beef and cabbage.

    Usually when you buy a corned beef it is fully cooked and already seasoned.

    When making this corned “beef” and cabbage, don’t get hung up on the quantities of the ingredients. Just throw them in as you like.
    [pinit count=”horizontal”]
    1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns
    1/2 teaspoon mustard seed
    1/4 teaspoon celery seed
    1 bay leaf
    pinch of dried crushed red pepper
    1 boneless turkey Breast
    1 -2 small onion – sliced
    1 small head cabbage -cut into wedges
    3/4 package (16 ounces) frozen sweet peas
    baby red potatoes
    fresh baby carrots
    2 Tbs. cider vinegar

    1. Heat enough water to cover the turkey to a boil.
    2. Add spices and turkey.
    3. Bring to a boil; then cover, reduce heat, and simmer 45 minutes depending on your size/quantity of turkey.
    4. Add onion and cabbage to cooking liquid; cover and cook 15 minutes, or until vegetables are crisp-tender.
    5. Add baby carrots and peas. Cook 10 minutes longer. (Or until turkey is done)
    6. Slice turkey thinly, discard bay leaf and arrange vegetables around meat.
    7. Add vinegar just before service.
    8. Serve with Horseradish–Chive Sauce or your favorite mustard.

    Horseradish Chive Sauce

    Combine all ingredients to make a fast, healthy and yummy horseradish chive sauce to serve with your corned “beef”:
    8 ounces yogurt
    2–3 tablespoons prepared horseradish, drained
    2 teaspoons chopped chives

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      Healthy Porcupine Balls Recipe

      I recently got a request for a healthy recipe makeover on Oven Porcupine Balls.

      The Old Oven Porcupine Ball Recipe

      porcupine ballsLisa Owen turned in the request for a healthy makeover on Porcupine Balls saying:

      One of my family’s favorite recipes is Oven Porcupine Balls. We know they are not healthy but love them.

      This is the old recipe:
      [pinit count=”horizontal”]
      1 lb hamburger
      ½ c uncooked long grain rice
      ½ c water
      1/3 c chopped onions
      1 tsp salt
      ¼ tsp garlic powder
      ½ tsp pepper
      1 can cream of Mushroom soup
      ½ C water
      Combine first 7 ingredients, shape into 12 balls. Place balls in square baking dish, combine remaining ingredients and pour over balls, cover w/ foil and bake 1 hr at 350. Uncover and bake 15 minutes.

      What Are Porcupine Balls?

      While I had heard of them, I had never eaten porcupine balls. The request came across my Facebook Wall and generated quite the humorous line of discussion. It appears that some people did not know what porcupine balls are.

      It went something like this…

      (The names have been abbreviated to protect the innocent.)

        • Lisa: I would love a recipe makeover on Oven Porcupine Balls!
        • Louri: OH gross – real ones?
        • Lisa; They are really yummy!! Can’t wait to see what you have for me!!
        • Deb: LOL – yeah right, Louri!
        • Deb: I never knew porcupines even had balls… right, Louri?!
        • Louri: Laughing so hard!
        • Jim: OMG Louri… I can’t stop laughing!
        • Angela: They are wonderful. My mom makes them.
        • Jim: This just keeps getting better!!!
        • Lisa: Made them often.
        • Louri: LOL!
        • Darryl: You kids and your slang terms. What does porcupine balls mean anyway?
        • Jim: The cooking part is easy… harvesting is the tough part.
        • Mill: Love porcupines!
        • Louri: – LOL – found porcupine balls on Pinterest.
        • Angela: Thanks for the link. We use a pressure cooker to make ours.
        • Deb: LOL- – – well Darryl, Porcupine balls are meat balls with rice
        • Deb: Mine didn’t look anything like that pinterest picture….. I am thinking that I prefer Porcupine Balls grilled though!!
        • Claudia: PB was one of my fav dishes when I was a kid. I didn’t know about your fan page. Just liked it!
        • Deb: I wish I could get this many comments on my fan page as quickly as this happened!!
        • Nathalie: put cookies on your fan page-they will come- Deb lol

      Healthy Porcupine Balls Makeover Recipe[pinit count=”horizontal”]

      • Pamela: I have not eaten the P ball since elementary school cafeteria
      • Candina: Love porcupines!!! I make them all the time (recipe from my mom) love them!!!
      • Lisa: I use beef rice a roni when I make mine. Seasoning packet is in the box of rice a roni and then I just make a gravy out of it and simmer on the stove. They are really good.
      • Michele: I haven’t had those in at least 30 years! Can’t wait for the recipe !!
      • Joyce: this can’t be for real
      • Daisy: whats next, Deb, cows nuts?
      • Pamela: the elementary school had porcupine balls on the menu—it is not that odd–you guys talk like my husband
      • Deb: Daisy, if you have a recipe for Cows Nuts that you want healthier, just send it over and I will get started!!
      • Pamela: Well you ladies do what you want–I am not making either!!!
      • Pamela: You know people around here do eat bulls balls–excuse me to say it–and they are called mountain oysters–market used to have them–and some old redneck bar up Dover way had them in a jar on the bar–this is why I am afraid of northern york and southern YOrk etc–no I WAS NOT at the bar but my uncle told me–he had them already–and yes that makes it so….
      • Deb:  Actually, I thought that was pigs balls, Pam?!
      • Pamela: maybe is is –I remember bulls balls–either way –count me out
      • Pamela: Well according to wikepedia rocky mountain oysters are bull calves testicles used for human consumption–it says that sometimes pig or lamb testicles are used -so we are both correct Deb–it shows a picture of them deep fried with cocktail sauce– you can see pics of them….
      • Deb: I don’t think I need to look at them!!

      New Makeover Recipe For Porcupine Balls – Try Them If You Dare!

      When making something healther you should always define your goal so you know the path to follow. This recipe has a lot of options to make it healthier.

      • Lower Sodium
      • Less Chemicals
      • More Whole Foods
      • More Nutrients
      • Better Protein Source

      You may want to transition into the healthier recipe gradually, Lisa, so that your family does not freak out!!

      This is the makeover recipe.

      1 lb ground turkey
      ½ cup uncooked brown minute rice
      ½ cup chopped onions
      1 tsp. dry oregano
      ½ salt
      1/4 tsp. garlic powder
      ½ cup water

      1 ½ cup mushrooms – coarse chopped
      6 week diet
      1 tsp. dry oregano
      ¼ tsp. garlic powder
      ½ tsp. black pepper
      1 cup cream
      3 c stock

      • Combine first 7 ingredients
      • Shape into 12 balls by hand or using a #20 scoop.
      • Place balls in baking dish.
      • Chop mushrooms and put over meat balls.
      • Combine remaining ingredients and pour over balls
      • Cover and bake 40 minutes at 350*.
      • Uncover and bake 10 more minutes.

       Make Healthy Changes Gradually

      This recipe has a lot of changes. When you are making a family favorite recipe healthier it is a good idea to do so gradually. If you are worried about your family balking at a heatlthy recipe, only change one thing at a time, then another the next time.

      In this case, maybe make the original recipe using the ground turkey once but still use the sodium-laden mushroom soup before switching to the chemical free cream sauce.
      healthy natural diet
      When making a recipe healthier it is important not to make it too complicated. If a recipe is harder to make than the original then people may say it is too hard and keep on eating the unhealthy version.

      I believe that this recipe is not much harder than the old one, so give it a try.


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