Holidays Turkey – Turkey Recipes

Holiday Turkey Recipes

As we all get ready for the holidays turkey recipes are the ones I get the most requests for.  Holiday turkey is one of the easiest meats to roast as Americans start to think about their holiday feast.

How To Cook A Turkey

You can create a healthy holiday feast by cooking the turkey in a healthy way. This video will give you a good idea on how to cook turkey and the electronic “How To Cook A Turkey” book offered below will provide you with the exact turkey recipes.

Cooking Holiday Turkey

Turkey is a very healthy meat choice.  It is considered one of the top super foods by many food experts because it is nutrient-dense and low in saturated fats compared to other holiday choices.  When cooking  holiday turkey most people tend to surround it with over-abundance and over-indulgent foods.   This cookbook includes recipes to make your entire holiday dinner fun, fast and also healthy.

Turkey Recipes

Download this electronic book with the recipes for the turkey and the rest of the meal from main course to dessert. A “talking” cookbook means that there is a recording embedded in the file so that I can guide you step-by-step as you prepare your holiday feast. The book also includes recipes for your leftovers too!

To get your electronic cookbook just fill out the form below.  After pushing submit you will be redirected to your healthy holiday feast.

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Healthy Turkey Recipes


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Turkey Breast vs Turkey Thigh

Here are some turkey quick tips:

  • Turkey breast is only 2 calories less than turkey thighs per ounce when you remove the skin, so if you like dark meat then enjoy it!
  • The optimum size turkey to buy is 15 to 16 pounds.  After that your bone to meat ratio goes up. Your price for the edible portion increases because you are paying for more bone.
  • Most people overcook turkey.  Cook your turkey to 155-160 degrees and then let it “rest” for 30 minutes before cutting.  The heat that is in it continues to cook it after it comes out of the oven.

Healthy Holiday Feast Turkey

Your family deserves a long and healthy life. There is no better time to give your family the gift of good health than at the holidays. Make your family the healthy holiday feast by accompanying your turkey with and all healthy trimmings! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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    Shared by: Jason Cook:

    I love this stuffing recipe, Deb. You sent it to us on the recipe of the month one time last year and we have made it several times. Everyone loves it and before that we never thought to make whole wheat stuffing even though we always bought whole wheat bread for sandwiches.

    Shared by: Penny:

    I love this ebook. You gave it to me at the end of the six week diet program and we have been using the Thanksgiving recipes for a couple years. Everyone has gotten healthier since I lost weight on the program Deb. I am so glad that I met you. The left-over recipes in the cook book are the best too!

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