Cotton Candy Chicken Kebab Recipe

I recently took my niece to the presentation of Totem at Cirque du Soleil. It was a birthday gift and we got the VIP treatment! Brooklyn is 9 years old and on the way to Baltimore in the car she was asking about the VIP reception.recipe chicken kebabs

Chicken On A Stick Recipe

I explained what hors d’oeuvres are by saying that we will probably be served beef or chicken on a stick, cheese or tuna salad on stale bread and maybe shrimp, scallops or pineapple wrapped in bacon. We had fun and lots of laughs talking about chicken on a stick.
Chicken on a stick may be called:

  • Chicken Satay
  • Chicken Skewers
  • Chicken Kebabs
  • Chicken Brochette
  • Chicken Griller

chicken on a stick
When we got to the “big top” the VIP reception was outstanding!

Cotton Candy Chicken Skewers

The funniest thing about the food was that it was exactly as I explained it.  Brooklyn was quick to find the “chicken on a stick” and we had another laugh that we had correctly predicted our meal.

Chicken Kebab RecipesThe Chicken Skewers were a big surprise to me though. The “chicken on a stick” was in fact spicy chicken on a stick that the attendant swirled into a cotton candy machine. So, plain old chicken on a stick became the magical Cotton Candy Chicken Skewers!

At first this may sound weird, but I can tell you that we both loved it. Think sweet and sour, or sweet and spicy. The spicy chicken was complimented nicely with the sweet cotton candy.  We  ate several.

Cotton Candy Chicken Kebab Recipe

This is my stab at the recipe for cotton candy chicken skewers. I have made it 3 times now. The first time I made it I used the spices below only. The next time with the enchilada sauce only. When I served it at a recent party I used the recipe as follows. All were good so try them and see which ones you like best.

Satay With Cotton Candy

Call it satay, skewer or kebabs this is one fun way to eat cotton candy.

1 (home style) cotton candy machine
All the ingredients the cotton candy machine requires

boneless chicken breast – cut into 1-2 ounce strips

1/2 tsp. curry powder
1/2 tsp. chili powder
1/4 tsp. cayenne powder
2 cups prepared enchilada sauce

  1. Mix up your spices with the enchilada sauce. I use chemical free Wildtree brand.
  2. Marinate chicken breast in the sauce for a couple hours
  3. Grill the chicken on a medium hot barbecue grill until done
  4. Cool overnight
  5. Skewer the chicken
  6. At service warm just to take the chill off but not hot. OR: Allowing chicken to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes will do the trick too.

Fire up the cotton candy machine and have some fun!!

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