"17 Minute Meals" Posts

Fast Miso Soup Recipe

This simple miso soup recipe can be thrown together in minutes for a healthy meal. It tastes good and is good for you. Make this recipe today!

Healthy Basil Pesto Turkey Burger Recipe

pesto burgers healthy recipe Make basil pesto turkey burgers with this turkey burger recipe. Healthy cooking fast recipes for home made pesto and fast meals.

On The Run Meal – Shrimp Tortillas

eat on the run This tex mex shrimp wrap recipes. Healthy meals in minutes with this tortilla eating on the run dinner. Corn tortillas recipe.

Fun, Fast & Healthy Chili Recipe

Healthy Turkey Chili Homemade chili recipe is fun, fast and healthy made with ground turkey. Learn how to make healthy chili recipes.

Mexican Style Tofu Recipe

This healthy Mexican tofu recipe is gluten free and vegetarian too. Make these complete meal recipes fast in 17 minutes or less.

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