What Is Saffron? How To Use Saffron

Saffron 2012 Food Trend

This year I have been asked “what is saffron?” more than ever, so it must be a food trend for 2012. All of a sudden everyone wants to know how to use it in cooking.

What Is Saffron?

what is saffronSaffron is a seasoning that is actually the stigmas of a crocus plant.

It is very expensive because each crocus only has 3 of these stigmas and each one must be hand-harvested. You can buy it as a powder or more commonly as threads.

It has a somewhat unique and/or acquired flavor, tasting a bit like an exotic hay. Saffron gives any dish a distinctive yellow color.

Use Saffron Carefully! It Is Expensive!

saffron is expensiveYou use saffron very carefully as it is very expensive!!

This small amount in my hand is sold as a 1 grain envelope and cost $3.79. There are about 480 grains in an ounce!! I have heard that it is the most expensive spice in the world.

Cooking With Saffron

A good rule of thumb when cooking with saffron is that a little goes a long way. Since it is a delicate seasoning, it is often used with rice and fish dishes. Spanish cuisine uses saffron often.

how to use saffronUsually, 1 grain, or a pinch would be enough in a stew or soup that serves 6-8 guests. Saffron does tend to be a bit stronger on the second day.

For best results with saffron, rub the stigmas between your thumb and forefinger to crush them as you put them into your pot. Soups, stew and other moist cooking dishes can have the saffron added straight in but for a dry cooked item it is wise to soak your saffron in a bit of warm water first.

Where To Buy Saffron

You can buy saffron at most US conventional grocery stores. It is sold in little envelopes that usually hang in some obscure location like the produce department or in a corner of the spice section.

what is saffronWhen I worked in the restaurant business the saffron was always locked up in the manager’s office!!

We bought it in 1 ounce tins that were very decorative.

healthy natural diet The employees always wanted to be the one to finish the tin so that they could take the empty container home.

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    Red Meat – Processed Meats Increase Risk Of Cancer

    Increase Risk Of Cancer
    Caused By Red & Processed Meat Diet

    The  U.S. Cancer Institute did a long-term study on over 500,000 people ages 50-71 and found that a diet that includes large amounts of red or processed meats does in fact increase your risk of cancers.

    In this case the study defined red meat as beef, pork, lamb, hot dogs and processed meat including bacon, sausages and luncheon meats.

    Conclusions were that those who ate a lot of red meat and processed meats do have a higher risk of several types of cancer, including lung cancer and colon cancer. **

    The U.S. National Cancer Institute stated that “a decrease in the consumption of red and processed meat could reduce the incidence of cancer.” **

    Those in the study who ate the least amounts of red meat did have 20-60 percent less risk of any type of cancer when compared to those who ate the most red meat. The study did take into account smokers as well.

    Eat Less Red Meat

    Reduce meat consumptionThe consumption of red meat has been on the rise for years partly as a result of the industrialized food practices bringing the cost down.  It is easy to increase your consumption of other meat proteins and therefore reduce red meat consumption.  Turkey is one of the best animal sources of proteins, bringing us a nutrient powerhouse, better fats and more vitamins and minerals.  Incorporating legumes into your meat dishes is another way to reduce red meat consumption as well.  Making any ground beef dish with the addition of black beans or other legumes will result in a higher fiber, reduced animal fat entree.  Organic meat producers and processed food companies are less likely to be using carcinogenic additives.

    Processed Food Cancer Risks-Nitrates

    Today most processed deli foods and meats are treated with nitrates.  Nitrates are proven cancer-causing agents and should be avoided at all costs!  Avoid all but the most naturally processed meats!  Buying processed meats that are not treated with nitrates will go a long way toward reducing your family’s risk factors for cancer.

    It all comes down to the same thing: Read your ingredients list! The WOW! healthy living diet teaches you how to decipher the ingredients list!

    December 2007 issue of the journal Medicine from the Public Library of Science

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      6 Week Diet, Airing Healthy Living Radio

      Weight Loss Tips For Good Health

      healthy diet, Jack Kahn

      The Wow! 6 Week Diet and healthy living program has been invited to be one of the main sponsors of the Jack Kahn healthy living quick tips that will air July through September on 25 radio stations.

      Jack Kahn, Its A Matter Of Your Health

      Jack Kahn created this series due to his sensitivity to chemicals which he developed due to a pesticide poisoning in the early nineties. Because of this he realized the importance and benefits of using non-toxic products, organic, and free of chemicals as well as eating habits. He then started a talk show radio feature to bring a new awareness of common sense health issues to the public. The feature spots “It’s A Matter Of Your Health” have been airing in 25 states through out the mid-Eastern United States for 13 years. This is just one of the over 500 quick tips that air over the Summer.

      6 Healthy Weight Loss Food Tips

      The Wow 6 Week Diet is really a healthy living program that is delivered to you via email, one day at at time with small changes to make each day. The program is founded on everyday foods that you find in any grocery store and chances are you already have in your kitchen.
      healthy meal foods for diabetics

      These are samples of the types of quick tips that the 6week weight loss program bring to you

        1. Eat 5-6 small meals per day
        2. Every meal should include fiber, protein and carbs
        3. Look for recognizable ingredients in the nutritional panel
        4. Avoid ingredients that you never heard of or do not know what they are
        5. Say 100 times a day “I love fruits and veggies!”
        6. Drink water
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