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My new watch is a healthy lifestyle watch!! When I took a short winter weekend cruise to Nassau this past January, I had a blast jewelry shopping with some new friends. I am not sure but I think that jewelry shopping is really almost the only thing there is to do in Nassau. My intention was to just get off the ship and go along for the fun. Many of my friends said “don’t let me buy anything” to which I agreed to point out that they may not really need a particular item. It never occurred to me that I may buy something….

Philip Stein Watch = The Feel Good Lifestyle Watch

We had a great time! Laughing and running from store to store doing the ship’s scavenger hunt. I performed my assigned duties often by saying “are you sure you really need that?”

Healthy lifestyle watchI am not sure why, but I bought a Philip Stein watch. This is the watch that Oprah Winfrey gave away on her TV show a few months back. It has 1-2 electromagnets in the back of the watch that keeps you in alignment with the earth and is supposed to make you feel good.  As they put it a “metal disk that has been infused with key frequencies” that align the body with the earth.

This watch supports a healthy lifestyle. (No one said to me “are you sure you need that?”) I really did not need it as I have not worn a watch since leaving my job to work at home over 10 years ago. It was a true impulse buy.

The Watch Makes Me Feel Good

The watch DOES make me feel good. Maybe it is because I DO have a healthy lifestyle and generally feel good already. Maybe it makes me feel good because I know it is a really good watch or maybe it just makes me feel good because it is a gift that I gave myself and I deserve it!

Not sure really….

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