Do Women Grow Muscles!?

Many people think that body building is an unhealthy sport.

The truth is that natural body builders are some of the healthiest people I know.

They understand that their body is the greatest asset they have and they treat it as such. Nothing is more important than health to a body builder and they take care not to do anything that will jeopardize that.

Do Women Grow Muscles!?

Deb Bixler, Healthy Side BicepI spent about 4 years body building and competing right after I turned 50 years old.

These pictures are from a competition in Middletown, PA in October 2007.

Many women say that they do not lift weights because they do not want big muscles.

Women do not grow big muscles!

Look at those little chicken wings! I really worked at it but could not get my muscles any bigger.

Building muscle is good for everyone. When your muscles are stronger, your joints have an easier job of it. Also, muscles burn more calories than fat so your metabolism is higher when you are stronger. Body building builds your immune system too.

NABBA Nationals, Natural Body Building Competition-2007

2006 Rear Bicep PoseComparing my 2006 rear bicep pose with the same pose for 2007 my muscles have not grown even though I have continued to work out.2007 Rear Bicep

Yes, It takes a lot of focus, not work. Work is not fun and I definitely have fun body building. I really enjoy the ability to create my health.

Body Building Is Art – Science – Skill

Rear Lat

I think that one of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that it involves science, art and skill.

I enjoy the science part of the sport.

It is amazing how easily small changes can effect your body.

You do not have to be a body builder to practice balanced carb, fat, protein eating skills and everyone can benefit from the advantages of hydration.

Understanding what certain chemicals do to your body will assist everyone in living a better life. If everyone took a body fat analysis twice a year they would have a better understanding of how what they eat effects their ability to maintain ideal weights.

Natural Healthy Lifestyle

You can be at the peak of your health at any age when you decide to change your future.

Getting older does not have to mean ill-health.
Front Double Bicep
And no… I do not have a 6 pack!

No More Body Building For Deb

Side FullBody building was something that was on my “bucket list” for a long time and I just decided to do it when I turned 50. I participated in competitive body building for about 5 years…

I stopped because just got tired of spending so much time at the gym and being on a restricted diet to maintain the physique. (The only way to see my muscles was to stay VERY skinny!)

During my body building era I earned many gold medals and assorted trophies. I placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in my age group competition multiple times and really enjoyed doing it. (The older you get the easier it is too win!) LOL

6 Week Diet Campers ask me all the time “Do Women Grow Muscles!?” and the answer is NO – trust me!

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    Shared by: Brian Hurlburt:

    Is there anything You can’t do! Lol!
    You’re a great inspiration Deb! 😉

    Shared by: Linda Strickler:

    WOW DEB what a surprise why don’t you wear knits to show your great BODY. I know 2 BODY BUILDERS.My chiropractor Dr. Steve Torregrossa in Dallastown Pa. And Deb Bixler BB. You look Great.He likes your food too I took a healthy lunch of zucchini burgers and jicama slaw and fresh fruit to the office girls my daughter is one of the office girls &for the DR.too.They loved that. Thanks for all you did for us never thought just eating great food would make a Great Grandma slim again. WOW I’M REALLY LUCKY.

    Shared by: Cindy:

    Deb, I enjoyed talking with you the other day. Thank you for the call.
    I know since getting to know you better through your other programs, and then through this, it has changed my idea of what is ‘normal’ for growing older. I have heard for years that the middle section just gets bigger as you age and slowing down is what is expected since you ‘can’t do what you used to do.’ You and I are pretty close in age and you are not slowing down.
    I have new challenges for myself. Last year I tried water skiing for the first time. My husband an I have been going on a brisk walk almost every night about 2 1/2 – 3 miles. I’ve been able to do boys push-ups. It is fun and encouraging.
    Thank you for helping to keep us focused and giving us attainable goals to reach for.
    p.s. I have a new granddaughter as of Feb. 14th, our first grandchild. I look forward to a healthy future in which I can enjoy my great grandchildren!

    Shared by: Georgie:

    Looking good there Deb.. I would love to have a body like yours.

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