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Eating Healthy = Weight Loss

Side Effect Of Eating Healthy Is Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss

Most people focus on how to lose weight. The truth is that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat and live healthy. When you focus on healthy living and do what other healthy people do, then you will get the same results: a healthy life. Healthy people focus on eating nutritious foods. The side effect of eating nutritious foods is weight loss.

Weight loss is negative. Living and eating healthy is positive. When you stop looking for what to avoid, and start looking for what your …

Natural Food Diet To Prevent Inflammation

This anti inflammatory joint healthy soup will prevent inflammation by using all the ingredients that are found in a Diet To Prevent Inflammation .

Herbs For Your Garden And Kitchen

Herbs Have Many Benefits

Now that it is finally getting warm here in South Central Pennsylvania, the garden is growing like crazy. I love to cook with herbs and therefore I love to grow them in my garden.  Multi-tasking your garden and your kitchen is easy.  My perennial herbs are taking off! Some of the many health and culinary benefits of herbs are:

  • most are powerful antioxidants and therefore reduce your chance of diseases
  • they improve your immune system
  • assist you in healing
  • they contain micronutrients not found in other foods
  • of course, they increase the flavor in foods
  • many

Stop Eating When Not Hungry! Do You?

Print - download a list of activities you can do to Stop Eating When Not Hungry! A list of tips and ideas to reference and not eat when not hungry,

‘New’ Research In Healthy Eating

healthy food studies New (and old) research shows that when you eat real food you will be healthy! Learn what all the latest studies say about what it takes to stay healthy!! LOL

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