‘New’ Research In Healthy Eating

We have come so far away from real food that we do not even know what it is anymore! These are actual “new” studies recently reported.healthy food studies

Maybe the problem is that we are wasting money on useless studies and not focusing on the prevention of disease.

Nutrition is the answer to good health.

All funding for these absurd studies could be invested into the education of young people!

It is unfortunate that it takes an education these days to eat right.

The 6 Weeks To The New You is a progressive educational program that gives you the skills to make good food choices.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

New evidence published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’s Archives of Internal Medicine has stated that eating more dietary fiber, particularly from whole grains, could lead to a longer life.

“New”? Where have they been?

The US Government

The US Government recently released a (ground breaking) report stating:

People who live in a community with parks and playgrounds, living wages, grocery stores that sell nutritious food, well maintained housing, and high quality public transit, and are more likely to thrive.


The Canadian Government

The Canadian government has recently issued a statement after collecting data from top researchers in the country.

“Consumers who spend time reading food labels have a 38.7% increased likelihood of NOT getting a preventable disease.

Well, now that is rocket science!! LOL!

Prevention Magazine

Prevention Magazine just announced a new breakthrough. They devoted an entire special edition issue to the latest scientific news in diabetes management.

This is a direct quote from that issue: “You can lose weight and control blood sugar with real food.”

Women’s World

I read this headline on the front of Women’s World while in the grocery line: “Now You Can Lose Weight And Eat Pasta!”

A quick glance over the article revealed that whole foods like pasta, rich in fiber, actually speed weight loss.

PA Newspaper Story

As I passed a news stand when filling up on gas, I saw this earth-shattering headline: “New Research Reveals TV Causes Obesity.”

I didn’t even have to read that one to learn what it was about or why TV causes obesity. I personally consumed an entire bag of chips last night while spacing out in front of a totally boring TV show.

New Research Shows… Duh

New (and old) research shows that when you eat real food you will be healthy! You can tell that the state of our health is a pretty sad situation when topics such as these even get researched, much less reported on!

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    Shared by: Jerri Sargent:

    I agree with the statement above. Our parents and grandparents did have it right. Garden fresh fruits and veggies and fresh fish, beef etc. I grew up with two gardens, fresh beef and fresh trout. It’s a shame I didn’t continue that lifestyle into my adult life.

    Shared by: Wendy:

    Back to eating to live with foods that have organic origin not manufactured food packaged with eye catching advertising to grab our attention is definitely something I am interested in learning more about.

    Thank you Deb Bixler for getting my attention and your willingness to provide skills for better choices for my eating plan.

    Shared by: Deb D'Entremont:

    Our parents and grandparents had it right all along. It’s sad that the media and manufacturers of food products had us relearn what was supposed to be good for us … in order for them to make profits and why did/does the governments let this happen 🙁 I’m so happy that I have found Deb Bixler .. I trust her to give me the correct information and re-educate me back into making proper ‘Healthy Choices’ !! Thank YOU Deb 🙂

    Shared by: Derek Bly:

    I guess it’s true what ‘they’ say, Deb. Everything old is new again!

    Shared by: wendy bridgemen:

    i am always amazed that people think that everything they read especially in creditable magazines or papers are always true.lol

    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    Glad to see you are following the days instructions Phyllis!! Keep up the good work!!

    Shared by: Phyllis O'Neill:

    “New” studies, huh? Amazing! Deb, I couldn’t agree more with your comment, “All funding for these absurd studies could be invested into the education of young people!”

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