Exercises To Get More Out Of A Walk

A hundred years ago no one went to the gym because everyone got all their exercise as they went about their daily activities.

Today we should make the most out of every activity we do. I call this ‘do anywhere exercises.’

Build Muscle When Walking

exercise to build muscleOne of the few things we actually do for ourselves any more is walk. You can make walking an exercise in itself.

  • Squeeze your butt cheeks while you walk and firm up some flab. It is amazing how tiring this can be. You literally flex your whole body when you just flex your butt cheeks.
  • Do the muscle man pose while you walk. Flexing your entire upper body while walking and crunch down to work the abs in.
  • Put the two together and make walking a real workout!

It is amazing that if you actually do this while walking into the office or the mall everyday you can firm up muscles and even get sore muscles if you overdo it.

Get More Exercise Without Going To The Gym

Yup, we should all go to the gym and we all have busy lives. Why not exercise everywhere you go and make the most of every activity? Try it!

If you do it often enough you will be able to isolate muscle groups and really maximize the efforts! It is fun when coupled with some positive thoughts/affirmations.

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    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    You are an excellent 6 week camper! Loretta, thanks for all the comments, it is a good way to keep your resolve!

    Shared by: Loretta:

    I know for a fact that walking is a great exercise because after my dog passed away and I quit walking several times each day with him, I gained weight. One of my goals or affirmations is : I will take a walk every day. Thanks for the tip about squeezing your butt cheeks while walking.

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