Are Your Kids Starving?

Is your kids diet starving them to death?

MANY kids are literally starved for good nutrition!

I do not understand what parents are thinking. Today I spent the day with my nieces and nephews. Four kids ages 5 to 16 years old.

When I picked the kids up at 11 AM the Mom of 2 of them was getting ready for work and asking, telling, insisting that the kids have breakfast before we go.

First of all, breakfast happens when you get up, not 3 hours later.
kids nutrition
Second, they were having Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast. That is it! No protein, no veggie, fruit, or whole grain. Just plain old sugar coated cereal, with milk.

This woman is a smart lady. She has a good job keeping the books, payroll and all of the finances of a thriving business.

Kids Diet Lacking

I can not understand why she thinks that Captain Crunch is a healthy strong-body-building breakfast for young developing children.

No offense to the Captain or anything, but the stuff is nothing but sugar, enhanced by some man-made vitamins. Just give the kids a spoonful of sugar and a vitamin pill and they would probably be getting more nutrition.

OK, so we are off with…… Aunt Deb for a day of fun.
healthy cereal
The weather is not perfect for the planned picnic at the park with a day of swimming and fun in the water, so we switched to plan B.

York County, Pa is the home of factory tours. So we headed to Harley Davidson for fun in the motorcycle plant.

By noon the 12 year old had a headache and wanted a soda and aspirin. I am like…… “why don’t you have a glass of water?”

She doesn’t usually drink water and an aspirin always works.

After further discussion I found out that she gets a headache almost every day.

I explained to her that we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and that the first sign of vitamin deficiency is a headache. Long story short, after 2 glasses of water, the headache was gone!

I had a jug of water in the back of the car and we all enjoyed water the rest of the day and munched on celery sticks (they were in the back too) off and on for the rest of the ride.

I know that at first she thought here goes Aunt Deb again on that healthy stuff.

I also know now that she is sold on the water taking away the headache and will consider it an option in the future.

Of course, the headache could be caused by certain chemically laden foods, but I am glad the water worked!

Water is essential for all of our bodily functions, one of which is removing toxins from our body, so a chemically induced headache may respond favorably to water. Next time one of your kids gets a headache, give them a glass of water.

After Harley Davidson we wanted to eat.

I gave the kids a choice. Red Lobster, Chili’s (I had gift cards) or any fast food (cheap) restaurant. I really did not want to go to a FF restaurant. I know that I can not change the way they eat in one day, so I always give choices.

healthy kids foodThank goodness, they picked Red Lobster.

Kids Pick Healthy Food

I do not know why kids love Red Lobster. It would not be my first choice. It is certainly better than the FF joints! I always give them the liberty of picking anything they want on the menu and all four kids picked a real somewhat healthy real food meal.

The 16 year old had a salad and fettuccine with shrimp. The other three all had crab legs, two with baked potatoes. The youngest ordered a coleslaw and fries with hers. All the kids ordered a frozen strawberry-daiquiri type drink which came with whip cream on it. (more sugar and chemicals).

The biscuits which were all white (and only a teensy bit better nutritionally than the Captain) were inhaled immediately.

Kids Need Real Food

These kids were famished.

They need real food! I see this every time I spend time with them. It is because they are eating chemically laden sugar-coated meals that fill them up and do not provide nutrients.

They all ate every speck of food on their plates. The five year old even wanted a salad when she was done with her dinner.

We had agreed to get dessert later at Rita’s. I am not surprised that they all ate well. Frequently, when I take kids out, I find that they are more than happy to eat right. As a matter of fact, most often they are eager to eat good-for-you foods, provided I do not insist that they do, or make an issue out of it.

Later, we had our Rita’s and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, before dropping 2 of the kids off at Mom’s work. While waiting for Mom, they were encouraged to buy a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to hold them over to dinner. I have no clue what dinner was, but you can be sure it was very convenient and most likely out of a box, similar to breakfast.

Had we had a beautiful day and gone to Pinchot Park as planned, I would have thrown some baked potatoes in the charcoal, had a watermelon, carrot sticks, grilled a turkey breast.

In the past, my experiences have been that these kids say that they want yellow macaroni and cheese or McDonalds, or they say that they do not want to eat healthy foods. (they hear their parents say “Aunt Deb is a health nut” or something to that effect).

Yet when I make a non-issue about it, pull celery sticks out of the cooler or just fix a nice meal and put it on the table, they eat it.

It is a non-issue. They actually eat it as if they are famished. They eat as if they have not had a meal in months.

Nutrition For Healthy American Kids

This is a huge concern for the future of American kids!

Many kids’ diets are nutritionally void.

Convenience foods are sugar and chemical-laden.

Chemicals have no nutritional value and are addictive. Americans are the most over-fed undernourished population in the word. The society is overweight and starving to death. I know that many of you reading this are thinking that I am overreacting (my family does).

The fact is that the generation of kids that are growing up now are the first generation of Americans to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. That is scary. You may ask why? The answer is because these kids have been fed sugary-chemically laden foods from the day they were born.

Their parents on the other hand or older generations only started to consume huge quantities of these toxins as adults or young adults.

Concerns For Kids Today

Any parent should be extremely concerned bringing children into the world today. I plan to make a difference in the eating habits of future generations.

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    Shared by: Malkah:

    It’s really sad to know that so many kids are actually starving despite having enough money for food. By now I would think that there’s enough out there on main media for parents to know about the health hazards of sugar-laden cereals. I’m blessed that my daughter, who has a 1 yr old, knows about good nutrition and feeds the little one whole and healthy food.

    Shared by: Paula Gima:

    Great article! I wish all parents of young children could read it. We all have made so many nutritional mistakes, it’s a wonder our kids grew up healty at all!

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