8 Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living Tips

There are 8 mistakes that most people make that sabotage their ability to live a healthy life. When you learn to overcome these mistakes they become the 8 secrets to a healthy lifestyle. In this radio interview with Willa Sonnewald, health food store owner and radio show host at WHP radio in Hanover, PA,  I explain the 8 tips to healthy living. These tips are either working for you or against you. Please listen to this recording and put these healthy living skills to work FOR you:

8 Tips To Healthy Life

The 8 tips to a healthy life in reverse order of priority are:

  • Do your own research! Do not expect the government to monitor your eating habits.
  • Buy food for what is in it as opposed to what is not in it.
  • Read the ingredient list
  • Avoid chemicals.
  • Avoid excitotoxins.
  • Do exercises everywhere you go!
  • Take good vitamins.
  • Drink plenty of water.

These 8 tips are the secrets to good health.  They may seem like a lot to accomplish all at once.  Make small changes each day and the result will lead to the big payoff of a healthier life.

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    Shared by: Gwen Moye:

    Thanks for the article above the tips are great and it’s always good to remember getting healthy is a life time change it takes will power, persistance, and determination ti win at anything in life.

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