8 Biggest Causes of Low Metabolism

The causes of low metabolism are what I call the 8 biggest health mistakes that most people make!

They are the common causes of low metabolism that may be a part of your life and could be sabotaging your health.

8 Causes of Low Metabolism Most People Make

Here we go in reverse order the 8 Biggest Health Mistakes That Most People Make:

  • Trusting that the government is insuring the safety of our food is a big mistake! Yes, the government is watching out for the additives and the foods we eat, but they are really slow at it.

    Rarely will a product be deemed unfit for human consumption until it is determined beyond a reasonable doubt to be dangerous. This sometimes takes generations to determine if a food additive is harmful. Do not expect the government or any other outside agency to monitor your food choices.

  • whole grain flours factsThat brings us to #7 of the 8 Biggest Health Mistakes Most People Make which is that most people do not read the ingredients lists of the foods they buy.

    Most people buy their food for what it says on the label.

    Labels are designed to entice you to buy the product. The ingredients are the facts.

    If you only take one thing to heart out of this article, I challenge you to start reading the ingredients list. The first 3 ingredients on the list are about 85% of the total product by weight. Those ingredients need to be the best ingredients. For example; to get true 100% whole grain bread, the whole wheat must be the first and only wheat in the ingredients list, and it must say whole, 100% or stone ground right in front of the word wheat. The label is a marketing tool and the ingredients list is the facts.

  • Most people buy food for what is not in it as opposed for what is in it. This is a terrible mistake and is a sabotage to your system.

    Humans need fat, protein, and carbohydrates to perform all the bodily functions properly. Many food labels say carb free, fat free, protein free, lactose free, sugar free, calorie free, gluten free, soy free, and nut free.

    When they take out all of those foods, what do you think they put in? That would be chemicals, and non-food-food-additives. The solution to this is to buy foods based on the quality ingredients that are in it as opposed to what is not in it. Go back to the ingredients list.

  • Most people think it is OK to eat chemicals. Chemicals are addictive.

    They have no nutritional value and are poisoning our bodies. Chemicals are addictive and we are addicted to food. The more chemicals you eat the more you want. When purchasing your foods, look for only recognizable ingredients.

  • what are excitotoxins

  • The fourth Biggest Health Mistake that Most People Make that lowers the metabolism is consuming exorbitant quantities of excitotoxins.

    That doesn’t even sound good does it?! An excitotoxin makes your brain think something tastes good when it doesn’t.

    An excitotoxins causes your brain nerves to fire so quickly that they actually get burned out. Excitotoxins kill brain cells.

    I don’t know about you, but I need all the brain cells I can get! A well known excitotoxin is the natural, flavor enhancer, MSG. MSG kills brain cells in everyone, but those who say that they are allergic to MSG are just more sensitive. The first sign of excitotoxin is a headache. Other excitotoxins include many natural and artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners.

  • The number three Biggest Health Mistake that Most People Make is to think they have to go to the gym to exercise.

    Most people do not consistently set aside time to go to the gym.

    “Do Anywhere” exercises are more effective because they can be practiced for the rest of your life along with your daily activities. The healthy people never have to drive around looking for parking places because there are always spots reserved for healthy people out by the street near the mall entrance.

    You burn more calories sitting than lying down; you burn more calories standing than lying. Office work can be done standing up. Do calf raises while reaching for spices in the cupboard. Walk the dog to do the bank deposit. Practice your cheek squeeze while in line at the grocery store. (That would be the butt cheeks.) Smile more, it exercises more muscles. Incorporate “Do Anywhere” exercises into your life to improve your overall metabolism.

  • The number 2 Biggest Health Mistake That Most People Make is to think that their produce or vitamin supplement is providing all the vitamins and minerals that they need.

    Even people who eat really good fruits and veggies are not meeting the body’s nutritional needs.

    Our soils are depleted and our produce is grown so fast that it does not have time to absorb what it needs from the ground. Fresh produce at its finest is 35% less nutritionally sound than it was in the 1930’s.

    The vitamin supplement industry is also misleading. Not all vitamins are created equal.

    Pill vitamins and minerals are only being absorbed by 3-7% and colloidal vitamins (vitamin/minerals suspended in water) are absorbed 25-30%.

    All disease is rooted in vitamin or mineral deficiencies. When your body does not have enough nutrients, it will tap into stores in the organs. When that happens long enough it results in disease.

    Are you flushing your vitamins and minerals down the toilet? Bio-ready vitamins are the answer. Superior nutrient absorption is the foundation for lifelong vibrant living.

Lose Weight-Drink Water

#1 Cause of Low Metabolism

Finally, the number one Biggest Health Mistake that Most People Make is to not drink enough water!

We are talking water, not coffee, soda, juice, milk…just plain water. Everyone has heard that they should be drinking 8-10 glasses per day, but few people do.

The fact is that the majority of the population walks around in a constant state of dehydration. The first symptom of dehydration is hunger, followed by head ache, then: dry sinus, dry skin, unjustified stress, fatigue, lack of concentrating, dry eyes to name a few. You can not lose weight, deal with stress, eliminate waste, digest food, grow new cells, metabolize nutrients or perform any bodily function properly without water.

The single most important thing to insure your future health is to drink 80 ounces of water per day.
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