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Make Natural Cough Suppressant

Natural Cough Suppressant Make your own natural cough suppressant using honey. Alcohol free, drug free & tastes good too! Simple recipe is good cough medicine for kids over 1 year.

Exercises To Get More Out Of A Walk

exercise to build muscle Learn Exercises To Get More Out Of A Walk. Get more exercise when walking at home. Build muscle while walking at home.

Exercises That Fit Into Everyday Life!

Do-Any Where Exercises

Do-anywhere exercises are exercises that you can do everywhere and fit into your everyday life. A hundred years ago the only people who went to the gym were boxers and yet most people got plenty of exercise.

Exercises You Can Do While Doing Other Activities

There are lots of exercises that you can do while you are doing other activities. The more activity we incorporate into our everyday life, the healthier we will be.

Some are the do-anywhere exercises that we hear about all the time are:

  • Park far from the store entrance
  • Take the steps not

What’s In Soda That Is Bad For You?

soda-bad-for-you Whats in soda is different for diet and regular. Why soda is bad for you depends on whats in it. Read how to tell if soda is bad for you!

Laughing Is Healthy

Laughter Is Good For Your Health!

I have been told that laughing out loud is really good for your emotional health. If that is the case then the woman sitting behind me on this airplane must be one of the most emotionally stable people on earth!

healthy benefits of laughingWe have been in the air about 40 minutes. Her soft-spoken boyfriend must beĀ  hilariously funny because this lady breaks out into a boisterous laugh that surely can be heard from the back of the plane to first class every time.

The thought does also occur to me that she may have a nervous …

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