Low Carb Pasta Recipes

Most people love to eat a big plate of spaghetti or other pasta dishes, but worry about the calories or excess carbs.

If you are looking for a low calorie or low carb pasta recipe, try this trick next time you are cooking your favorite Italian dish.

Low Carb Pasta Recipe

low carb spaghettiPick up some nice whole grain pasta at the grocery store and some fresh green beans.

Any grain based carbohydrates should always be “whole” to give you the most nutrition for your carb consumption. The ingredient list should say “whole” in front of the word wheat as the only flour in the list.

Most modern processed semolina pasta is made as a byproduct of the milling process. Semolina is actually not a whole grain, but a very hard part of the sugar part of the wheat that has been separated during processing.

Whole grain flour has all the natural fiber, good oils and nutrients of the wheat still intact.

Low Calorie – Low Carb Pasta = Less

low calorie spaghettiEven if you are trying to cut calories you can still enjoy a big plate of spaghetti or other pasta dishes with this low carb trick.

Use equal parts pasta and green beans as your “pasta”.

Just cook the pasta until it is about half done depending on the type of pasta, then add the green beans into the same pot for the second half of the cooking process.

Top with your favorite sauce!

Depending on the pasta you may cut the beans or leave them whole so that they mimic the shape and size of the pasta dish.

In this case I had penne pasta, so cut the beans to smaller pieces. When using spaghetti I would leave them whole so that they are long like the spaghetti!

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