Peeps Recipes – Things To Do With Marshmallow Peeps

I recently read that marshmallow peeps are edible for over a year so if you have too many you can just put them in a drawer and save them until next year!
As a matter of fact, it may be a good idea to go out and stock up now while the peeps are half price so you have your inventory available to hold you over until next Easter.

Peeps Recipes – Things To Do With Leftover Peeps

Not that I really like peeps all that much but they are a lot of fun so I thought I would document my peeps recipes so that everyone can join in on the same fun.

One of my favorite peeps recipe is the Chocolate Bunny – Easter Peep S’more.

I make them in the oven.

peep peepster Just put the graham crackers on a sheet pan and top with pieces of the chocolate bunny.

Place one peep on each cracker and bake at very high temperature until quickly melted. A temp of 400 degrees will melt them quickly.

Remove from the oven, top with another cracker and smush. Usually, you need to make at least three per person.

The Peepsters-Nutter

The peepsters-nutter sandwich is a popular one and easy to make.

I usually microwave the peep for less than 10 seconds…. (They will blow up quickly, which is also fun to watch and an easy way to get rid of some peeps and entertain kids as well.)

Place the partially melted peep on top of a peanut butter spread slice of bread and smush. Another 3 second trip to the microwave enhances it nicely.

Young and old alike will enjoy the peepster-nutter!

Other Things You Can Do With Marshmallow Peeps

peeps CoffeeWhen it comes to marshmallow peeps it is OK to be creative. Some other things you could do with peeps include:

  • Make rice krispie treats: Use about 20 peeps for a batch using this Rice Krispie Treat recipe.
  • Any salad that calls for marshmallows could use peeps instead. Try making an ambrosia salad with peeps.
  • You can serve peeps with chocolate fondue.
  • They make a great decoration on cakes or better yet cupcakes.
  • I already mentioned just microwave them until they explode for the fun of it.
  • Any hot beverage goes well with peeps: Enjoy a good cup of coffee with your favorite colored peep. Diversity is always good!  They melt quickly so it is just like stirring in a spoonful of sugar.

Sweet Peep Casserole

sweet marshmallow peepsWe all love sweet potatoes and marshmallows so why not use peeps instead!?

Using your favorite sweet potato casserole recipe, just substitute peeps for the marshmallows.

Have Any Peeps Recipes

Well, I have only scratched the surface of peep-licious recipes!

Read the comments below to learn what some of the Peepster WOW readers have done and share your favorite way to eat peeps!

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    Shared by: Rina Valan:

    These are great ideas, love it! Thank you!

    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    Cool, Sandy! Those are impressive!! If anyone else has images of peep foods, just email me at
    Make a comment then I can add your image to it…

    Shared by: Sandy Merritt:

    How about peeps sushi? Can’t figure out how to attach the picture of the sushi I made last April fools, but I’m emailing it to you!

    Sandy's Peep Sushi

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    And I thought I was weird with my Peep ideas, Sandy!!

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    Deb, you stick a toothpick “sword” in each peep, pointed roughly at the other peep. Then you microwave the peeps to see which one “wins.” Keep an eye on them, or they will explode in the microwave!

    Shared by: Deb:

    What? How does that work, Sandy?

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    These are too funny! The most “cooking” I’ve ever done with Peeps is a toothpick sword fight in the microwave.

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