Patriotic Punch Recipe: Red, White & Blue

This patriotic punch recipe is fun but not very healthy. 

A combination recipe and food science experiment, the red, white and blue patriotic punch will be a hit with children and adults alike!

The Secret Of Layered Patriotic Punch

There are 2 secrets in making the red, white and blue punch.
Patriotic Punch

  1. The first is a lesson in food science. When selecting liquids you may use any colors you want as long as you pick ones with varying amounts of sugar. Sugar will make one beverage heavier than the other, enabling you to make any color combination for your punch. Beverages containing more sugar are denser than those with less.  Compare the grams of sugar in the nutritional analysis, making sure that you are comparing the same unit of measure or portion size. See the notes below in the ingredient list on the sugar content per cup of our choices in this recipe.
  2. The second secret is the ice. When pouring the beverages into the glass or punch bowl the subsequent layers must land on the ice and not the other layer. When making a punch bowl it is advisable to have a frozen mass of ice cube or an ice ring.

Patriotic Punch Recipe

Cranberry juice (32 grams sugar)
Low sugar Lemonade (12 grams sugar)
Blue Gatorade Fierce (5 grams sugar)

  1. Fill a clear glass or punch bowl with ice cubes. Pour the drink with the most sugar (check the nutrition label) into the glass. Start with cranberry juice.
  2. Very slowly add a beverage that contains less sugar — in this case, lemonade. Be careful to pour it onto an ice cube — not directly into the other drink — to keep them from mixing.
  3. Use the same technique to add a layer of Gatorade.

Cooking With Kids – Food Science Experiment

Anytime you can get your kids interested in cooking, you will contribute to their lifelong good health. While this may not be a healthy recipe, as a food science experiment the punch is always interesting to kids.

Just do the best you can to make the best beverage choices for the colors desired.

healthy cooking class I often make this recipe in children’s cooking classes.

Using a small clear disposable cup you can have each child layer their own beverage (any colors) into a cup.

Using small cups and a small cream pitcher makes it easier for kids ages 5-10 make their own beverage/science experiment.

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    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    That is an odd combo of colors, but if you can find the right “weight” of each color in beverages it will work. Once one scoop is take out it does not keep the layers though.

    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    Actually, it really IS easy, Arlyne… the tip is don’t rush and it is easier with an ice block rather than cubes. Our specialty here if fun, fast and healthy. Not much here is gourmet though so look at the categories to the right. The 17 minute meals are especially simple.

    Shared by: Arlyne Blesofsky:

    Is this really as easy as you say. I always need more easy, not gourmet, recipes. This does look fun but I am afraid to try it.


    Well, I am sure learning a lot in this series. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, Deb That is an amazing presentation!!

    Wow – I think I need to make this for a birthday party coming up. Can I get red, yellow and purple?

    Kara Madison:

    This reminds me of a r, w, blue popsicle turned into a drink. Parents, if you can pull this off, your kid will think you’re the coolest at least for one day!

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