Wild Salmon VS Farm Raised

Which is better: wild caught Alaskan salmon or farm raised salmon?

Farm raised salmon is an environmental nightmare, for starters. They are farmed in huge nets in the oceans, and due to the fact that salmon are migratory by nature the confinement creates many immune problems. Also the color of salmon is determined by the process of migration. A steelhead trout is actually a salmon that is not pink due to the time in the migration cycle. Therefore farmed salmon feeds are loaded with antibiotics and artificial colors. This is bad enough in itself, but the waste running out of the “farm” is going into the sea and causing pollution and escapees are compromising the gene pool of the wild salmon as well.

Alaskan wild caught salmon are an extremely environmentally sound supply of clean toxin free fish that will be available well into the future due to many environmental policies in place in Alaska. One of which is that they are actually spawned in a controlled fishery. Due to the migration of salmon and the fact that they return to their birthplace to spawn, Alaska has a series of fish hatcheries that the wild fish return to, lay their eggs and then people insure that 99% of the fish reach maturity and are released to the wild at a size that they are safe against predators. Those fish then again return to the same hatchery and do the same thing so now instead of only 2% reaching adulthood the system allows about 99% of the hatches to return to the wild as adults.

In the wild caught salmon vs farm raised salmon debate, the wild caught has the advantage for your health and the health of the environment hands down. Ask your seafood supplier for wild caught and refuse to buy the farm raised, so that they get the message that you want the best!

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