Whole Wheat VS White Nutrition Facts

Healthy Whole Wheat Bread

It is a nutritional fact that whole wheat bread is healthier than white bread.

Whole wheat bread includes all the bran, fiber, vitamins, minerals and good oils found in the grains.  It is important that when picking your breads you read the ingredient list.  As this video indicates it can be a difficult task to find good-for-you bread at a regular grocery store.  Make sure that the first and only wheat flour on the list says whole or 100% right in front of the word wheat.  That insures that it truly is 100% whole wheat. A bread that is whole wheat followed by enriched wheat is a better choice than all-white flour, but it is not truly your 100% whole grain food choice, no matter what it says on the label.

This video is an excerpt of one of the first episodes of the Now We’re Cooking tv show. This is the most talked-about episode and the one most frequently commented on by people I meet on the street. In addition, it was the inspiration for local fans to create the Facebook fan page: Deb Bixler and the Whole Wheat Club

White Whole Wheat Bread

White whole wheat bread can be one of two things.

  1. It can be a marketing ploy and actually be made with part white flour and part real whole wheat flour. Since it is white, it has not been colored with caramel or molasses color. As indicated in the paragraph above, this is not really all 100% whole wheat, but a blend, and in this case it is not colored to give it the normally darker color usually associated.
  2. It can be made from milled white wheat made into whole wheat flour that is white. Milled from white whole wheat, rather than red, real white whole wheat flour has all the fiber and nutrition of traditional whole wheat, with milder flavor and lighter color. This type of white whole wheat is a great way to add whole grains to your family’s diet.

Whole Grain VS White

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It’s easy to be tricked into thinking a food is a whole grain when it’s not. Do not judge the grain or the flour by the color.  Sometimes molasses or caramel coloring is added to breads, darkening them. Enriched flour is just white flour that is empty calories. The government requires the addition of vitamins to white flour because white flour is the center of the wheat, or the sugar. The addition of vitamins enriches it so that now it is sugar and vitamins. Rye flour is just another type of wheat and must be labeled as whole or 100% as well. When an ingredient is listed as unbleached wheat flour, it is still refined flour and not a whole grain. Remember to go by the ingredient list and not the front of the package.

All products made with wheat flour should be made with whole wheat flour or 100% wheat flour as the first and only wheat flour as listed in the ingredient list, not the label.

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