What Is High Fructose Corn Syrup?

I am often asked, what is high fructose corn syrup? I am going to keep this simple.

This Is What HFCS Is:

high fructose corn syrupHigh fructose corn syrup is a simple sugar made from two different types of corn sugars.

The two sugars are chemically combined to form a new sugar. Thus, high fructose corn syrup is two sugars chemically combined.

The problem with high fructose corn syrup is that your body can not undo what man has done.

Basically, it is so simple (mono-saccharides) that it is already digested for you and goes straight into your blood stream via osmosis.

High fructose corn syrup is the number one cause of diabetes.

  • High fructose corn syrup was created in the late 50s.
  • By the 70s it was showing up in most of our food.
  • By the eighties, the incidence of diabetes was increased by over 800%.

Why is High Fructose Corn Syrup Used?

So the next obvious question is why is it being used in everything? The answer is somewhat simple as well.

It is plentiful and therefore cheap.

We grow too much corn. The US government is paying the farmers to grow corn through an out of date subsidy program.

High fructose corn syrup is very stable and easy to use in processing. That coupled with the inexpensive cost makes it easy for all processed food manufacturers to include it in their recipe.

Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

When checking your food’s ingredient list, avoid high fructose corn syrup at all cost.

This may take some effort.

When you start this quest you will find that almost everything on the grocery shelves includes high fructose corn syrup.

Eliminating this small item in your family’s diet will impact your future health and the health of your children and yet it is no small task.

It will take some time initially to find foods with regular sugar, honey or maple syrup but it is an investment in your family’s future. So make a commitment to do it. Once you have found products you like, then just stick with them.

Remember that all sugars are not created equal.

You will never eliminate sugar entirely from your diet.

Almost all convenience foods are laden with high fructose corn syrup.

Today most grocery stores have a health food or organic section, so check the ingredients in that section to find better quality products.

Convenience foods can be made right!

If you can not find a product you like without high fructose corn syrup at your regular grocery store, then go to a health food store. When you find what you like, take it to the grocery store and ask them to stock it.

High fructose corn syrup is a man-made sugar which your body can not un-make and it goes straight into your blood stream.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup at all costs!

Your family deserves the best!

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    Shared by: Malkah:

    Excellent article, Deb. I had no idea about the diabetes increase. Shared it on my Facebook page. Thank you for all this great information that is also is also easy to understand.

    Shared by: Lauraine:

    I’ve known for a long time that high fructose sugars
    were not good for us but never new the WHY.

    Thanks, awesome informations

    Shared by: debbixler:

    yes, well sometimes it goes by other names in other countries. Basically, HFC is the simplest monosacharide which means it goes into your blood without digestion. Osmosis….

    Shared by: debbixler:

    Thank, Mary Joyce – you are a great student!!

    Shared by: Mary Joyce Love:

    Deb, your program is splendidly detailed, easy to understand and is offered faithfully day by day. I know I would save much of it to use as time passes. For me, it is as near perfect as possible. I keep coming back to refresh!

    Shared by: katie:

    yeah its in soda which Im replacing with tea.. weee..

    Shared by: Lorie:

    I must re-read and re-read this to get it through my head. Because my taste buds are so addicted to this substance that this will take some doing for me.

    Shared by: Paula:

    I learned a lot by reading this article! I had no idea that “high fructose corn syrup” was any more detrimental to your body than any other sugar. It will be something that I definitely watch for in my future purchases.

    Shared by: Lena Marie Griffin:

    I was aware that high fructose corn syrup is used in almost everything because it’s so cheap,but I had no idea WHY it’s so cheap. Wow, what a ridiculous reason to force this stuff into the American diet, because the government pays farmers to grow too much corn! (sigh)…Well, we can only hope that this garbage will eventually go the way of trans fats, (which are now thankfully being banned), & the government will start paying farmers to grow something safe. (A wild stretch of my imagination, I’m sure, but I was also completely shocked that they actually banned trans fats, so one can only hope)…:) P.S. I just subscribed to your website, & I love it! I already know quite a bit about the information you post, but I believe that you’re doing a great service for people out there who want to learn how to be healthy & educate themselves about their food & bodies. Thanks so much! ~Best, Lena

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