What Is Good Nutrition?

Nutrition is the science of nutrients in food and how they are ingested, digested, absorbed, transported, and utilized to build and maintain the body. Nutrients are chemicals needed to support the body and to help it grow and develop.

Nutritional CounselingEveryone needs to receive a full supply of necessary nutrients on a regular basis, not necessarily all at each meal.  Food and the nutrients it contains provides our bodies with energy, they build body structure, and enable the chemical reactions that cause the body to function.  An occasional poor or nutrient-deficient meal will not jeopardize your health as long as you get a regular and consistent supply of nutrients.

Improper nutrition causes decreased energy, developmental problems, decreased focus, and increased fatigue.

Find Nutritional Information

With the onset of manufactured foods or non-food consumables, most people do not have the scientific knowledge to make sound food selection choices. Most of us have started using other ways to select food rather than taking the time to find out the nutritional information about our foods and picking meals based on the food’s nutrients. We choose our foods because of learned behavior, psychological or social needs, and most often, based on the marketing message delivered by savvy businesses.

Read Your Nutritional Label

If you are not reading the nutritional labels of your foods, then chances are you are not getting a regular and consistent supply of nutrients.  Only you can really control what you put in your mouth. It is important to recognize that we have choices and that good nutrition requires a dedicated focus on personal education. Living in the 21st century has many benefits. We can eat pineapples in Pennsylvania in the winter, or communicate with people in Australia through online chats, or purchase, pay for, and receive a hand-crafted gift from New Guinea within one week. With these benefits comes some disadvantages, one of which is that you MUST study food to make good nutritional choices and read the food ingredient label.

The single most important action for your family’s nutrition is to read the ingredients list of your food purchases. Choose foods with only recognizable whole foods and a minimum amount of chemicals.

Nutritional Counseling

6 Weeks To The New You is a step-by-step education program that teaches you how to make good-for-you food choices and become educated in how to pick nutritious foods. It is like hiring a nutritional counseling service.  At an extremely affordable price, you have everything you need to learn about your food’s nutrition, deciphering the nutritional label, and creating a healthy nutritious diet for your family.

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