What Is The Right Portion To Eat?

It is often hard to tell what exactly is the right portion of a given food item.

We can look at the portion sizes from two angles:

  1. A portion as per the food label: Most people eat more that the label portion size as stated, yet they look at the label for calories and other nutritional breakdowns.
  2. A portion as per nutritional standards: The average portion consumed is often far more than what nutritional principles are based on.

Portions Sized Based On The Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts panel

The nutritional facts panel includes 3 sections. The nutritional analysis, the allergens and the ingredient list.

Most people look only at the nutritional facts. The ideal way to use your nutritional facts panel would be to look at the ingredient list first.

Find foods that are only whole foods, then look at the calories, fats, carbs, etc.

A food item made of all chemicals that is low calorie or low fat is not a good choice.

What Is A Portion?

The facts panel tells you what they are basing those nutrients on and what a portion is in their analysis.

Most often though we consume far more than the indicated portion and yet still look at the nutrients as if we did eat a correct portion.

In the above case most people probably eat a cup of cereal yet the calories or sugar are based on a half cup.

What Is The Right Portion Of…

When you look at nutritional principles or the food pyramid (now called The Choose MyPlate) guidelines the right portion is usually far less than what most people consume in a sitting.

healthy portions An ounce of cheese is about the size of one die, so 2 ounces of cheese equals 2 dice.

ideal portion sizesA tablespoon of jam, butter or peanut butter is the size of a marshmallow.

correct nutrition portionsOne medium baked potato is the size of your computer mouse.

what is a healthy portion3 ounces of meat is about the size of the average cell phone.

good portion sizesA cup of vegetables is the size of a light bulb.

The Right Portion

As you can see it is difficult to say what exactly the right portion is.
healthy foods diet
Most people over consume no matter how you look at it.

  • If you are looking at your nutritional facts panel, be sure to look at the portion size too.
  • If you want to eat appropriately sized portions work on getting a handle on what a good portion looks like on your plate.

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    Shared by: Erica:

    Understanding portion sizes is so important. I actually lost a lot of weight by learning to control my portions per meal.

    Shared by: JoLynn Braley:

    This is good info, and common sense! And…if one were to eat only when physically hungry and stop when physically full, then there would be no weight problem. Especially if eating mainly whole, healthy foods!

    What I’ve found is that weight loss is super easy once you have a weight loss mindset…which all begins in the Inner Self.

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