Why Eat Organic Bananas?

That is a very good question. Why would anyone want to spend an additional 30 – 40 cents per pound on organic bananas when you peel the skin off anyway?

Initially I started eating organic bananas because I was concerned with all the chemicals sprayed on them but now I choose to eat organic bananas because they taste better.

Pesticide Free Bananas

pesticide free organic bananasOrganic bananas are not treated with any synthetic fertilizers and are pesticide free. You may say that eating “conventionally” grown bananas is not necessary because you peel them, but think about those highly toxic chemicals getting on your hands, face, and even children!! (Have you ever washed a banana before eating it?)

The pesticides used on bananas are bad for us as the consumer, bad for the planet and especially bad for the growers and harvesters of the crop.

Health Benefits Of Bananas

Bananas have many health benefits. Their reputation for being high in potassium is well founded. That coupled with the high fiber content, magnesium, B6 and B12 make them great remedies for diarrhea, high blood pressure, athletic electrolyte depletion, stress relief and even as an aide to quit smoking!

Eat Organic Bananas

You should eat organic bananas because you deserve the best!! Organic bananas taste the best! What are a couple of extra cents when it comes to your family’s health?! Go ahead, splurge!!

Try organic bananas once and most likely when you go for the cheap ones next time you will taste the difference and say “what is wrong with these bananas?”

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    Shared by: Malkah:

    Thanks for these pointers about organic bananas. I’ve been wavering myself, sometimes buying organic ones and then reverting to commercial ones. But this article has convinced me to just shop for organic bananas. I don’t even eat many bananas, so the extra cost will not be a huge factor.

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