Healthy Junk Food! Snacks Can Be Healthier!

Junk Food Can Be Healthier!

That’s right, junk food is good for you when you make the right choices.

healthy junk foodsMost people think that snack means junk. Not all snacks are junk food. There are lots of snack foods that can be considered good-for-you junk foods.

What is a good-for-you junk food?

I would define it as a snack food that is fun to eat and has some health benefits too. Most people think that all snack foods are bad for you, and that is really not the case. Many of the snack foods that are available are just like eating dinner only you think they are a snack.

Check out the recipe for Easy Tortilla Bowl with Black Bean Salsa. That recipe is a snack that is almost as healthy for you as chili. Sometimes I even add ground cooked turkey and then it is as good for you as chili. When you combine it with some whole wheat tortillas, your junk food is better for you than most processed food dinners and this recipe will feed an army!

Baked Tortilla Chips

One of my favorite tortilla chips is the home baked variety.

First find a whole grain flour tortilla with no added sugars, (especially no high fructose corn syrup) and no hydrogenated fats. Then, cut your tortillas into wedges and arrange them on a baking sheet. The stone type of baking sheets work best. Sprinkle the wedges with salt, or another spice you like and bake until crisp. You can then package them up into airtight bags and freeze or keep at room temperature.

If you are in the mood for salsa and chips and do not have any of these pre-made ahead of time then just take your tortilla, fold it into quarters and pop it in the toaster. One folded half on each side and VOILA!…whole grain tortilla chips for one. If you are going to eat chips, they might as well be good-for-you chips.

Healthy Chips

Well, chips are always high in calories but you can always pick a better one when you look at your ingredient list. Avoid chemicals, colors and sugars to get a “healthy” bag of chips.

healthy potato chips healthy potato chips

NOT Healthy Chips!!

Whether the chips are corn chips or potato chips the ones with all the chemicals will be harder to eat less of. Chemically laden chips are NOT the healthy ones!

not healthy chips Not Healthy Chips


Popcorn: Facts & Fiction

healthy snack popcornPeople always say popcorn is a good-for-you snack. It can be a better choice than some snack foods, although not always.

Movie theater popcorn or many of your packaged popcorn brands are one of the worse choices of snack foods on the market. It is usually hydrogenated fat-laden and artificially enhanced and most likely frequently genetically modified corn as well.

Any way you look at popcorn it is a very high carb food. Certainly not a good snack choice for a diabetic! It does have more fiber though than chips so you must consider your personal eating goals.

When choosing your popcorn, I recommend a plain (or even organic) popcorn. Purchasing organic popcorn guarantees that it is not a genetically modified product.

The old fashioned way to cook popcorn is my favorite. That is in a kettle with some olive oil. Popcorn is a treat and can not really be considered health food, no matter how you fix it.

Good For You Whole Food Snacks

Any time you can find whole food snacks you will be getting more fiber and good for you calories.

Most of the time when I go for snack foods I use a product that I purchase online at the Whole Food Farmacy.  Their snack foods include my favorite Cornaborealis which is a cinnamon seasoned blend of corn, nuts and raisins.

The Whole Food Farmacy’s products are organic although not all of them are certified-organic. Most are raw or air dried whole foods. The company has a very pure awareness of their foods and ingredients. Their motto is “Let your food be your medicine”.

whole food snacksThese Whole Food Snacks foods are good enough to be considered dinners. They are great to keep in your car for emergencies as they can tolerate heat changes.

For example, Phi Plus is a soft granola.

It is made of: dates, oats, raisins sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, walnut oil, brazil nuts, prunes, figs, raspberries, brown rice, rice bran, barley, corn, quinoa, coconut, buckwheat, guava powder, peach powder, strawberry, kidney beans, beet powder, chick pea flour, millet blueberries, pumpkin seeds, flax orange, peas rice bran, cinnamon, ginger, clove, aloe, nutmeg, lemon oil, orange oil, sweet leaf powder.

How is that for an ingredients list!!?? All of their products are equally as good for you. As you can see, this snack food is as good for you as dinner.

It makes a great on-the-run meal solution so you can avoid fast food joints. When you couple the Phi with another favorite of mine, Veggielicios Spice, you are giving your body a snack that includes all the necessary components of a balanced meal.

Other snacks that the Wholefood Farmacy carries are Corneborialis, (many varieties) and Fruitilicous, and my favorite Buckey Ball Matrix. (I have no clue what a buckey ball really is!) This is a peanut snack with raspberries and black sesame seeds and it is the yummiest! Trust me when I say that these snack foods are as much fun to eat as the ones in those brightly colored bags at your grocery store.

One of the reasons I like these so much is that they not only are yummy, they also keep forever in my car, even in the hot summer months, so I always have emergency meals.

At first glance good quality snack foods like The Wholefood Farmacy may appear to be more expensive than the many varieties in your grocery store. The difference is that they satisfy you, so you do not eat the whole bag.   It is better for you than some dinners!

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    Shared by: Lisa:

    I love the Buckey Ball Matrix an it is a great conversation piece when I eat it in public. My problem with most of the other whole food farmacy snacks is that they have coconut in them, and I am allergic. Any other snack foods like this that you can recommend?

    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    Well, congratulations on both of you for that. They are always bouncing around in my car as if I am out to long and do not have a snack it keeps me from the drive through!!

    Shared by: Pat Gibbs:

    Wow,Fantastic article,it’s so helpful to me, I am with Lisa on this, I thought they were too exp the first time you mentioned them but now I am hooked. I did not try any except the granola called chocolate phi that has become a good way to get my choc fix and also satisfy your rule of carbs, protein and fiber for a meal.

    Shared by: Chad Beats:

    Great examples of the good chips bad chips, I am a big chip eater but this is something I can do. Just pick a better one and hopefully eat less too!

    Shared by: Monica:

    This has been a great one for me too. I might just try the farmacy stuff but will definitely do better with the purchased at the store even for my family. They are getting worried that I am going to get so fanatical about our foods that they can not have any fun foods but this I think they can live with. Thanks Deb

    Shared by: Amy Smith:

    Thank you very much for information – I am really learning a lot in the 6 week program. It is amazing how much you have taught me. I am really impressed with the style of progression,

    Shared by: Beatriz Nahoya:

    Well, I am more into the chocolate stuff but this is good food for thought….. get it? food for thought lol

    Shared by: Jason Carmichael:

    Wow,Fantastic article,it’s so helpful and the pictures of the ingredients were a very good way to do it. I’ve learned a lot from your blog here, Keep on going,my friend,I will keep an eye on it and am losing weight so it is all good.

    Shared by: Isabella Rohrer:

    I thought this was a great post full of some excellent things that I never really looked at. I am thinking a bit more about the snacks I buy as I always thought that bad is bad but now realize that there is good bad and bad bad…. so, will do better. Thanks for the program even though I do not answer my phone, I do appreciate your calls, Deb


    Holey Cow, Deb… the first time you told me to try the veggielicious spice snack I thought it was too expensive but now that I have tried it I love it and it satisfies my salty snack taste buds. This is great info here and I plan to try the granola too now. I have not had a full bag of chips in 10 days!

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