3 Tips Stay Healthy Over Holidays

It is the holidays and food is everywhere, so what can we do to stay healthy?!

How To Stay Healthy Over Holidays

Remember these tips when celebrating, going to parties and enjoying family and friends to ensure that you don’t literally “roll” out of the holiday season and into the New Year!

Holiday Food Tip # 1

Stay active!

Dancing is one way to stay active that works right into the holiday entertainment!

There are always ways to add activities into your life so that you do not ONLY eat!

Park further away, take a play romp with the little ones outside, or dancing are just a few of the many ways you can stay active.
Every little bit counts!!

#2 Don’t Let Food Pushers Push You

Don’t let “food pushers” push you into eating more!!!

We all know what a food pusher is… someone who pushes food on you! Eat this or that, eat more, have seconds….  don't eat too much

These are the people who, for whatever reason, seem to believe that they cannot have any holiday fun unless they get you to give in to their food weaknesses.

Whether it is a co-worker with a can of cookies or Aunt Mary with her extra helping of mashed potatoes the best thing to do is keep saying “no thank you!”

#3 Don’t Let Emotions Play Role In Holiday Eating Choices

tips to not gain weightWe are cave people living in the 21st century.

Emotional eating was programmed into us during the cave man/woman days. A cave person’s stress was in the hunt as well as in other crisis.

It usually meant eat or be eaten. Stress today may not mean a life-or-death situation, but our programming still operates with a “grab and eat” emotional response.

A strategy to prevent emotional eating over the holidays is to be mindful. You can be mindful by making a plan, either for the whole holiday period or on an event-by-event basis.

Constantly remind yourself of your plan and bring yourself back to the here and now, notice what’s in your hand, notice what’s on your plate, and pay attention to what you are eating.

Please share any holiday tips you may have in the comment boxes below this article!

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    Shared by: Jean:

    More great tips for the Holidays. I will be mindful! Thank you.

    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    Well, yes it is me, made the video over at jibjab.

    Shared by: sandi:

    I really enjoyed your dance, Deb !!!!!!!!!!! was that really you?? REALLY ??????????? “”Y O U r o c k!!keep up the good work >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sandi

    Shared by: debbixler:

    Well, Julie – nice to hear from you again. Glad to see you are still visiting the WOW site. Hey everyone – Julie is a WOW success story!! One of our first graduates!

    Shared by: debbixler:

    Well, I like to have fun and am really not that serious, Patti – LOTS of people have expressed an interest in the club. So many in fact that it took me by surprise!

    Shared by: Patti Meyers:

    You are a surprise Deb…. sometimes you are so serious and others you are a card. Thanks for the holiday tips and looking forward to the NY Weight Loss club!

    Shared by: Julie Toller:

    Your funny! I took the 6 week class when it first came out and loved it. May sign up again as need to refresh… thanks,

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