What Is In Frozen Hamburger?

Check The Ingredients List Of Your Frozen Hamburgers

When you check the ingredients list of many frozen hamburger patties you might be surprised at what you will learn. Today we were having a family gathering and I was charged with bringing the “Bubba Burgers.” My Dad’s favorite burger is the Bubba Burger!  The store I went to did not have Bubba Burgers, so I grabbed the next best thing… a box of frozen burgers that said 100% beef burgers.

What Is Listed In The Ingredients List Of Your Burgers?

What is in Frozen Burgers!?When I was putting them on the grill I thought to myself:  “These do not look like they are 100% beef!” They looked really weird! Actually they look sort of normal in the picture but the color was odd and as they cooked they turned yellowish as opposed to a regular burger cooked color!

What Is In Frozen Hamburger?

When I checked the ingredients list this is what is in the frozen hamburger patties that were labeled 100% beef:

100% Beef (thank goodness!)

texturized vegetable protein (soy)

dextrose (corn sugar hence the caramel color during cooking)


Check The Ingredients List Of Processed Foods!

I cannot believe I fell for that! I usually check the ingredients of processed foods. I must have been thrown for a loop because I was instructed to buy frozen Bubba Burgers! It was certainly out of my norm! Remember that the front of the package is written by the marketing department!
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Life is about choices and we must own our choices! I guess I blew it today!!

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    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    There are so many additives….
    100% beef does not mean ONLY beef. It means it includes some 100% beef~!

    Shared by: debra green:

    If they are 100% beef, why do these burgers taste like cardboard , are they really safe to eat?

    Shared by: debbixler:

    Actually, Phillip like the dog food they DO contain SOME 100% beef so I think that they are in the guidelines of the law. Like 12 grain bread… not necessarily made with whole grain flour but has 12 grains or seeds thrown in last. Unfortunately, It takes an education to eat right!!

    Shared by: Phillip Khan-Panni:

    I buy dog food to feed the local foxes. The cans state Beef or Chicken in large letters, but the small print reveals that the beef or chicken is only 4%!!

    What other lies are there on processed food packages? Your 100% beef burgers are surely misleading. Do you have a Trade Descriptions law? Can they be reported for false description?

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