Good For You Protein Bars – Energy Bars

Most people assume that since the bars are called protein bars or meal replacement bars that they are good for you.

The degree of goodness varies greatly.

Many of the good-for-you bars are nothing more than well packaged candy.

First of all, what is good for me might not be a good choice for you.

Protein Bars, Meal Replacement, Energy Bar?

What is the reason that you are eating a bar?
Are you looking for a high protein bar, an energy bar or a meal replacement?

  • Skipping a meal on the run
  • Post work out carbs intake
  • Protein source when working out
  • A healthy dessert
  • Kids’ snack instead of candy
  • Grown-Up Snack instead of candy or junk

All of those are terrific reasons to eat a protein bar or energy bar and they all mean something different in looking for your good-for-you protein bars

The choice of the bars available is huge so first decide why you are choosing to eat one then pick accordingly!

Good For You Protein Bar

The next step in choosing your bars is to look at the ingredients list.

Do not buy your bars based on what it says on the front label. The label is written by marketing agents who are paid to sell the product. The ingredient list is the facts you should consider.

I recommend that you get bars that have very few chemicals and limited sugars.

If you are using your bar for energy or a kids’ snack, sugar is OK, just look for good sugars.

Regular sugar, raw sugar, cane sugar, honey and maple syrup would be good choices. We all need sugar to create energy. Glucose or simple sugars are essential for athletes after workouts and kids can use a good energy snack too.

Good For You Protein BarsLook for whole grain products.

Brown rice, oats, whole wheat, bulgar, millet, quinoa, barley and other types of whole grains. These will give you the good-for-you natural whole grain goodness of fiber and the right fats!

The words rice, white rice, wheat flour, organic wheat flour, enriched wheat listed in your ingredient list are all the equivalent to more sugar.

As a meal, protein is important.

A body builder will also want a good supply of protein.

How are they putting the protein in? Is it whey protein, legumes, seeds and nuts, and other recognizable ingredients or is the list full of things you never heard of?

I actually use a meal replacement that is more like a soft granola than a bar. It is yummy, and chock full of natural goodness.

Some of the foods included: oats, raisins, chick peas, kidney beans, bananas red beats blueberries, millet, whole rye, barley, oats, corn, quinoa, cinnamon, glove, aloe, nutmeg, guava and more……

The point here is that there are actually whole food meal replacements that are fun, fast, healthy, tasty and as good for you as eating dinner!

After you find your choice of bars that have all good-for-you ingredients, then go to the nutritional analysis and check out how it meets your preferred dietary profile.

Avoid the habit that most people make by checking out only the nutritional analysis then make their decision!

Pick your meal replacement bar based on:

  1. What problem you would like to solve – what is your purpose?
  2. What is in it based on the ingredient list
  3. Followed by the nutritional analysis to determine other health concerns

If it is not made out of real food, it is not a good choice and may be causing you to crave more foods.

Good For You Protein Bars

Is your body screaming ‘feed me’ and you are giving it chemicals (drugs)?

Take some time to find healthy meal replacement bars.

You will learn how to increase your metabolism and stay healthy without dieting in the program: Wow! You Are Really Lucky… You Have A High Metabolism! 

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    Shared by: Joan Partin:

    I love the alternative of meal bars. When I travel I like to have something that I can grab on the run and it\’s not always easy to find decent food at the airport.

    Shared by: Joan Partin:

    I love the alternative of meal bars. When I travel I like to have something that I can grab on the run and it’s not always easy to find decent food at the airport.

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