Cause Of Obesity Is Green Bean Casserole?

I mean really, how lazy are we that we cannot even cook the most important meal of the year from scratch, and in addition we cannot even consider walking around the grocery store to pick up the ingredients?

The Real Cause Of Obesity Is Laziness!

How lazy are we that:

  1. We have to use all processed ingredients to make our favorite green bean casserole!
  2. We cannot walk around the grocery store and think a bit about what we need and pick up the ingredients from around the store!

Look At This Grocery Store Display For Green Bean Casserole!
cause of obesity is lazy

What Causes Obesity?

I teach nutrition at the local culinary college and it is always a challenge to change students’ predetermined notions about healthy eating! Many young adults think that carbohydrates cause you to gain weight and may lead to obesity. Others think that it is fat in the diet that causes obesity.  Carbs, fats, protein and even green bean casserole cannot cause obesity!  For most people the answer to what causes obesity is simple.

The Real Cause Of Obesity:

When a person consumes more calories than they burn on a regular ongoing basis they will gain weight and this can and will lead to obesity. So there are many causes of obesity. Over-consuming calories from any food, no matter how healthy, coupled with a lifestyle that is inactive, is how citizens of most modern cultures gain weight and become obese.

Any activity that you perform burns calories. Walking around the grocery store picking up your canned goods will burn more calories than grabbing them off this shelf.  We have become such a lazy society that most people consider the above ingredients on the shelf  “the” green bean casserole and the “only” green bean casserole!

21st Century Recipe For Green Bean Casserole!

Grab your ingredients from the shelf above from the top down to create 3 (formerly) healthy dishes: crunchy onions in a can, marshmallows, brown sugar, mushroom soup, canned green beans, canned sweet potatoes and you might as well grab the corn too while you are there!

Try making your Thanksgiving dinner recipes from scratch. It is one of the most important and enjoyable meals of the year. Take some time to walk around and pick out your ingredients and burn some calories while you are at it!  

Give your family the gift of good food and make healthy green bean casserole. They deserve the best!

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    Shared by: Rose Hughes:

    Well, I have really enjoyed the 6 week program. I had to start over as I let my family slow me down and like you said did not make it a priority. I am so appreciative of the emails and daily support. This article is a bit over the top though Deb… what were you thinking!! lol although I see the same thing now in the stores… it is no wonder we have such a high obesity rate. Thanks, Deb

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