How Does Carnival Food Fair?

Well, it is not easy to pick good carnival food at the fair! Actually it is almost impossible!

Since the York Fair, America’s first and oldest fair is going on now, (“Wind it up and it runs 9 days!”),  I thought I would give you the rundown on the offerings!

Low Calorie Carnival Food

healthy fair foodIf you are looking for low calorie, then probably your best option is the cotton candy.

Not good for diabetics as it is all sugar with no nutritional value, it is the lowest amount of calories compared to all of those to follow!

Nutritious Food At The Fair

There is really not much nutritious food at the fair so it is easy to zero in on the only 2 that have any value whatsoever: that is the hot dog and the smoked turkey leg.

Not exactly health food, the fair dog is about 255 calories – the (white bread) bun is really the problem with this selection.

The medium to large smoked turkey leg can be as many as 500 plus calories and is also a great source of nitrate-laden protein.

The two are probably your best bets for a dinner-like fair item.

High Fiber Carnival Food

how to pick carnival foodI am sure you can guess this one…. candy or caramel apples are probably the highest in fiber of any fair or carnival food.

Before you consider this a great carnival food, consider that they are usually over 350 calories!

The caramel apple along with fried Veggies are probably my favorite fair food choices both providing fiber and vitamins but not much else.

nutritious fair foodThe greasy fried zucchini, cauliflower and mushrooms that are so popular here in central Pennsylvanian do have fiber but also weigh in at about 395 calories for a small.

PA Fair Funnel Cake

You cannot go to a fair in Pennsylvania without having funnel cake.

It is of course a disaster for your diet. Hi fat, refined carbs and lots of calories. A good guess is over 400 calories for the average funnel cake.

Another carb that is really up there in calories and fat is the curly fries weighing in at about 620 calories and 30 grams of fat.

Pretzels Are Good If You Want Healthy!

NOT! People say that all the time and it is just not true!

A pretzel is nothing more than a fried glob of salty white flour!

A carnival pretzel is a high calorie shocker equal to about 5 slices of white bread sprinkled with salt!

At over 480 calories they are a great choice if you need some extra sodium in your diet!

Find Healthy Food At The Fair

I am sure there are many more offerings that we could consider but my guess is that there is no healthy food at the fair!

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