Stop Gaining Weight Instead Of Dieting!

Stop Gaining Weight
Everyone is on a diet, then they are not!

On again, off again! It is CRAZY!

Did it ever occur to you that maybe instead of going on a diet you should first stop gaining weight!?

There are no quick fixes in restoring your health or returning to the ideal weight. It is a process!

Take it one step at a time and first STOP gaining weight!
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Stop Gaining Weight First!

In order to stop gaining weight most people just need to do 2 simple things:

  1. Add 2000 more steps to your day!
  2. Eat 100 fewer calories per day!

Sound pretty simple doesn’t it?!

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For most average people 2000 steps is the equivalent of a mile or about 20 blocks if you live in a city.

Food Choices To Stop Weight Gain

It is easy to modify your food choices to reduce your calorie intake to the point that will stop weight gain.

  • Most canned sodas are just over 100 calories (Could you cut back by 1 can?)
  • Most cuts of beef are 100 calories per ounce (Could you cut back by an ounce?)
  • 1 ounce of potato chips is about 155 calories (Could you cut back by an ounce?)
  • 1 pat of butter is 100 calories (Could you eat your toast dry?)

Dieting To Stop Weight Gain

Dieting for weight loss rarely works because we try to do it all at once!

Even if you cannot walk a mile, you probably can walk to the mail box or even just one block. Do that first, then gradually add to the walk until you are at the point where you have stopped weight gain.

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