How To Pick A Protein Powder To Lose Weight

All dieters will be more successful at weight loss when they eat several small meals per day.

In an ideal world you should eat every three hours for maximum results when dieting. Your definition of a meal needs to change though.
How To Pick A Protein Powder
Instead of the usual meat and potato high-calorie meal, the ideal meal is small and always includes carb, fiber and protein.

For someone who wants to reduce their weight, it should be 300 calories or less. Protein powders can be convenient & quick. 

They can serve the purpose of a full meal quickly and easily.

You can not live ONLY on protein drinks but they can be a good quick supplement to keep you on track.

All protein powders are not created equal, though.

How To Pick A Protein Powder

  • Soy protein is a good source of protein for dieters, as it is fat-free and low on the glycemic index.
  • Casein and whey, both made from milk, are also good protein sources and excellent at muscle repair.
  • Egg white proteins are one of the most balanced protein sources for amino acids, although they are a bit harder to find in the conventional health food store. Egg white protein is gluten and lactose free also.
  • Rice protein is not as protein rich and is very chalky, so it is not one of my favorite protein supplements. Rice protein is gluten and lactose free.

How To Pick A Good Protein Supplement For Dieting

  • Avoid preservatives. Many protein blends include potassium benzoate, potassium sorbate.
  • Avoid chemicals. Monosodium glutamate, non-nutritive sweeteners, and other chemicals increase your desire for sugar or another “meal” quicker.
  • Check for sugars. Do not use any protein powder that has corn sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup or others.
  • Protein powders for weight loss should have no more than 7 grams of natural sugars per portion.
  • Avoid aluminum cans. If you are buying a pre-prepared supplement, go for drink boxes or bottles.

Drink Slowly To Lose Weight

It is always better to chew your meals than it is to drink them.

Having said that, protein shakes can be an excellent source of a quick meal when on the run.

Drink your meal slowly so that you become satisfied. The ideal protein shake, like every meal, includes carb, protein and fiber. Use your protein shake as just one of your meals when on the run.

Low Calorie-High Protein Diet Shake

This is a yummy chemical-free protein shake that you can change to your specific tastes. Use any kind of fruit you want.  You can make it really low-cal by using water instead of milk.
In blender combine:

6 oz. skim milk
1/2 banana or half cup strawberries (or blend of both)
1 tsp. vanilla
1 portion clean-plain protein powder
4-5 ice cubes
dash cinnamon

I buy Eniva whey protein powder online because I know it is clean, chemical free and I do not have to run all over town to find it! Click here for Eniva – A source for chemical free protein powder

NOTE: If you are not a body builder most likely a half portion based on the package recommendations will be fine. We do not need to over consume the protein.

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    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    I just looked at it online and it looks pretty good. You can check any protein powder by looking at the ingredient list. Chemical free, sugar free and non-nutritive sweetener free is best.

    The Jay Robb has a plain which is unsweetened and the other one I looked at is Vanilla which is sweetened with stevia.

    Don’t assume that all are the same in one company – look at every one before you buy it. I would say they are good choices.

    Shared by: Debbie:

    Deb – have you ever heard of Jay Robb’s protein powder?

    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    Great, go for it…. as a weight loss person and not a body builder, you do not need to use a full portion of protein powder.

    Shared by: wendy bridgemen:

    i have been repeating so much around the house, my husband and kids are saying them too!lol they are supporting me and trying new things too. very proud of them and greatful for you deb, making this so easy to follow.

    Shared by: Jenn Kern:

    This was helpful. We did run all over town trying to find a shake powder and now am just going with the Stuff you recommend.

    Shared by: Annalisa Seville:

    I simply wanted to type a small remark to be able to express gratitude to you for those superb suggestions you are givng us on the program. My time spent doing these steps you lead us through is paying off and I am feeling a lot better and lost 4 pounds so far.


    I have been really impressed with this program in a short time. It is amazing how far off track we get in our common sense eating choices. Thanks for reeling me in, Deb!

    My wife got me into the diet program and I have to say it was not my intent to enjoy it but you got my interest!!

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