Lose Weight Naturally – The Soda Diet

Lose Weight Naturally & Easily

There is only one way to lose weight and that is to consume less calories than you expend. A calorie is a unit of measure that represents energy. You must consistently use more energy than you consume in order to lose weight. When you do this naturally through small changes each day you can lose weight safely, easily, and for free with a diet program that works to keep it off forever!

How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally

An effective weight loss program does not have to be drastic measures.  A natural weight loss program with gradual calorie reduction that has an ongoing calorie deficit as opposed to a severely low calorie diet brings more realistic results because there is a better chance that you will stick with it.

How To Lose 1 Pound – Calories To Lose 1 Pound

You will lose one pound of weight when the calorie deficit is 3500 calories.

This can be as simple as cutting back in your soda consumption. Most of the most popular sodas are approximately 100 calories per 12-ounce  can. If you are a soda drinker and you were to reduce your soda consumption by one soda per day for a month (and 2 sodas 5 of those days) then you would technically be able to lose one pound of body fat or not gain an additional pound depending on how much energy you are expending in a month.

How Many Calories In Soda?

The calories for some of the most popular 12-ounce sodas are:

  • Dr Pepper 100
  • Coca-Cola Classic 96
  • A&W Root Beer 120
  • Pepsi 100
  • Mountain Dew 110
  • Wild Cherry Pepsi 110

Lose Weight Safely – The Soda Diet

the soda dietLet’s try the soda diet!

The simple type of calorie changes that you keep adding to and doing consistently for an ongoing basis are the best weight loss programs. Losing weight safely means making small changes consistently.

Let’s say that you currently drink 8 sodas per day.

If you were to simply replace one soda per day with water for two weeks you would reduce calorie consumption by 1500.

If you then continue to decrease by two sodas per day for the next 2 weeks your deficit would be 3000 for that two week period.

You could then continue to drink two less sodas and more water every 15 days.

After that if you would continue to drink only water for one more month, you will have lost 12.5 pounds in 3 months.

The numbers look like this:

1500 – 2 week calorie deficit (1 less soda)
4500 – 2 week calorie deficit (2 more less sodas)
7,500 – 2 week calorie deficit (2 more less sodas)
10,500 – 2 week calorie deficit (2 more less sodas)
24,000 1 month calorie deficit (consume only water)
Total calorie deficit for 3 months: 48,000 or 13.71 pounds!

Of course this assumes that the end calorie reduction is a total calorie deficit.

Best Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Using the “I’m going to stop drinking soda” weight loss program, if you were to continue this diet indefinitely you could expect to lose about 6 pounds per month on an ongoing basis. That is pretty impressive for one simple change! The best way to lose weight and keep it off are simple things that you can do forever.  Small changes in habits made gradually always work better at keeping the weight off forever.

Drink Water To Lose Weight

Lose Weight-Drink Water

The side effect of this diet is that the additional water will make it easier to lose weight because water flushes out toxins and cleanses your body. You will feel better and be motivated to make another small change when you substitute water for soda.  You should drink about half your body weight in ounces of water everyday. That means that in order to lose weight and stay healthy a 150 pound person should be drinking a minimum of 75 ounces of water per day.

Diet programs that use small, simple changes that add up to a huge impact are easier to stick with. Learn more tips on how to lose weight with the Six Weeks To The New You natural weight loss program.

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