“I Am NOT Gaining Weight Over The Holidays”

Join the WOW! “I Am NOT Gaining Weight Over The Holidays” club below and download a Healthy Holiday Feast E-Cookbook immediately.

We will then send you 2 more holiday recipes and quick tips per week through the New Year that will assist you in maintaining your weight this holiday season… or maybe even losing weight!

Would that be cool!?

We all have the goal of not gaining weight over the holidays but how many can say that they actually stay the same year to year?

Will Power Does Not Work

Staying healthy over the holidays and not gaining weight is all about skill-power!
Don't Gain Weight Over Holidays!
Willpower does not work because it makes us feel worse!

No one is perfect and when we give in to desire (which everyone has) then we get frustrated and belittle ourselves and engage in negative self talk.

The worst thing you can do is depend on willpower!

Make A Decision To Not Gain

Making a decision will give you the focus you need to not gain weight.

The “I Am Not Gaining Weight Over The Holidays” club will teach you how to make small changes this holiday season so that you DO stay at your current weight!

“I’m NOT Gaining Weight!” Club


Join “I Am NOT Gaining Weight!” Club

When you join the “I Am NOT Gaining Weight Over The Holidays” club you are making a decision, stating your intentions and we will give you a guide to make that happen!!

We will immediately give you a “Healthy Holiday Feast” e-cookbook with audio recording, then twice a week for the next 6 weeks you will get a tip that will guide you to making better choices over the holidays so that you can enjoy your friends, family and foods without gaining weight!

“I’m NOT Gaining Weight!” Club


Are you ready to make that commitment? Go ahead, say it!

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