Healthy Eating At College IS Possible

I presented a class to high school students the other day that was designed to teach them how to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle while at college.

The event was sponsored by the public library with the many sessions chosen to prepare students for college life next year.

healthy college lifestyleIt turned out to be one of my more interesting classes ever presented as a violent thunderstorm and power failure turned a routine hands-on class into a notable event.

Healthy Eating At College IS Possible

Healthy eating at college is definitely possible.

It is a skill that students need to learn – a choice that each student has to make.

Anything you can do to prepare your college-bound student for the challenges of eating healthy will improve her or his education.

What good is a college education if you do not have your health?

Due to the power outage, some of the other presenters could not finish their class for a variety of reasons, including no windows and thus no light in their rooms. I decided to move forward with my program and moved it to a public section of the library near a large bank of windows and we had a blast.

Starting with my original scheduled class of fifteen, plus all the “extra” students and presenters that hadn’t intended to attend, my class swelled to 45 students gathered around – quite a crowd.

Choose Fiber For Your Health

While all the students did not get to actually cut or cook, they all DID learn that the easiest way to ensure that they are eating to maintain health is to choose high-fiber foods. We discussed convenient food choices and how most lack fiber.

  • Fiber keeps your cholesterol lower
  • Fiber fills you up so you don’t overeat
  • Fiber sustains you longer so you don’t overeat
  • Fiber keeps your blood sugar in line
  • Fiber helps you poop right

We made two high-fiber real food vegetarian stir-fries and had some fun, then of course ate our creations.

Download College Stir-Fry Recipes

College Stir-Fry Recipes
(PC: Right Click Then Save | Mobile: Hold And Save)

College Food Choices

The huge crowd enjoyed the food and had fun learning how they can easily cook some quick meals that are both affordable and healthy.

Eating healthy at college is a matter of choice.

Look for convenience foods that are high fiber and low in chemicals, made with real food ingredients.

A college student who has some simple real food recipes in their repertoire can eat healthier and cheaper too!

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