“I Am NOT Gaining Weight Over The Holidays”

Join the WOW! “I Am NOT Gaining Weight Over The Holidays” club below and download a Healthy Holiday Feast E-Cookbook immediately.

We will then send you 2 more holiday recipes and quick tips per week through the New Year that will assist you in maintaining your weight this holiday season… or maybe even losing weight!

Would that be cool!?

We all have the goal of not gaining weight over the holidays but how many can say that they actually stay the same year to year?

Will Power Does Not Work

Staying healthy over the holidays and not gaining weight is all about skill-power!
Don't Gain Weight Over Holidays!
Willpower does not work because it makes us feel worse!

No one is perfect and when we give in to desire (which everyone has) then we get frustrated and belittle ourselves and engage in negative self talk.

The worst thing you can do is depend on willpower!

Make A Decision To Not Gain

Making a decision will give you the focus you need to not gain weight.

The “I Am Not Gaining Weight Over The Holidays” club will teach you how to make small changes this holiday season so that you DO stay at your current weight!

“I’m NOT Gaining Weight!” Club


Join “I Am NOT Gaining Weight!” Club

When you join the “I Am NOT Gaining Weight Over The Holidays” club you are making a decision, stating your intentions and we will give you a guide to make that happen!!

We will immediately give you a “Healthy Holiday Feast” e-cookbook with audio recording, then twice a week for the next 6 weeks you will get a tip that will guide you to making better choices over the holidays so that you can enjoy your friends, family and foods without gaining weight!

“I’m NOT Gaining Weight!” Club


Are you ready to make that commitment? Go ahead, say it!

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    Stop Gaining Weight Instead Of Dieting!

    Stop Gaining Weight
    Everyone is on a diet, then they are not!

    On again, off again! It is CRAZY!

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe instead of going on a diet you should first stop gaining weight!?

    There are no quick fixes in restoring your health or returning to the ideal weight. It is a process!

    Take it one step at a time and first STOP gaining weight!
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    Stop Gaining Weight First!

    In order to stop gaining weight most people just need to do 2 simple things:

    1. Add 2000 more steps to your day!
    2. Eat 100 fewer calories per day!

    Sound pretty simple doesn’t it?!

    healthy natural diet

    For most average people 2000 steps is the equivalent of a mile or about 20 blocks if you live in a city.

    Food Choices To Stop Weight Gain

    It is easy to modify your food choices to reduce your calorie intake to the point that will stop weight gain.

    • Most canned sodas are just over 100 calories (Could you cut back by 1 can?)
    • Most cuts of beef are 100 calories per ounce (Could you cut back by an ounce?)
    • 1 ounce of potato chips is about 155 calories (Could you cut back by an ounce?)
    • 1 pat of butter is 100 calories (Could you eat your toast dry?)

    Dieting To Stop Weight Gain

    Dieting for weight loss rarely works because we try to do it all at once!

    Even if you cannot walk a mile, you probably can walk to the mail box or even just one block. Do that first, then gradually add to the walk until you are at the point where you have stopped weight gain.

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      Healthy Benefits Of Losing Weight

      Lose Weight!

      healthy foods diet There are many health benefits of losing weight. Even losing just a few pounds can change your life dramatically!

      Some of the benefits of weight loss include:*

      • Improve your memory! Shed only 10 pounds and you will probably stop being so forgetful.
      • Improve your sex life! When you lose weight you become more in touch with your body in a positive way and this in turn can increase your sex drive.
      • Make more money! On an average people who are overweight earn almost $10,000 less per year than those who are in an average weight range.
      • Lose weight to be happier! Losing weight may improve your overall attitude and confidence. That in turn will improve your performance on and off the job.
      • Get faster! Every pound of weight you are over your optimum, you move 4 seconds slower per mile. Running aside, this can impact your day to day activities too!
      • Reduce your risk of disease! Losing weight reduces your risk of many diseases: diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and many more. Only a 5-10% loss in body weight will reduce your risk by 60%!
      • Longer Life! For every inch your stomach circumference is more than your height in inches, your longevity is reduced by 1 year.

      Benefits Of Weight Loss – We Are Not Talking Skinny Here!

      healthy natural diet These benefits of weight loss begin to take effect with even small reductions in weight. We are not talking “get skinny” here!

      Any weight loss will benefit you in the long term!!

      *Sources: London Business School, University of PA, Scripps Clinic Center for Weight Management, University of Pittsburgh, Northwestern University Chicago, NY SportsMed, Dr. Oz

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