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Peeps Recipes – Things To Do With Marshmallow Peeps

peep peepster Create some fun in the kitchen with leftover marshmallow peeps recipes. Easter candy uses so that the marshmellows are not hanging around till next year.

Handmade Chocolate Truffles Recipe

how to make chocolate truffles Learn how to make home made chocolate truffle recipe. Handmade truffles are a great DIY Valentine's Day gift. Home made truffle recipe really shows your love.

Magic Chocolate Ice Cream Ball

magic ball ice cream Read how to make this for your own magic shell ice cream chocolate sauce for icecream balls. Make your own magic shell butter balls and avoid the chemicals in the "Magic Shell" bottle.

Healthy Tiramisu Makeover Recipe

healthy tiramisu makeover This healthy tiramisu recipe teaches how to make tiramisu healthier. Make a healthy tiramisu for the holiday dessert!

Healthy Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

Pumpkin Cookie Recipe Pumpkin Cookie Recipe for your Holiday Cookie Recipes are good for you and yummy too. Make Pumpkin Cookie Recipe For Diabetic. Recipe for high fiber cookie.

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