Homemade Honeycomb Ice Cream

I like to think I invented this local honeycomb ice cream myself but I am sure someone has thought of it before me!

If you could copyright recipes then this would be the one to do!

Homemade Honeycomb Ice Cream

Be sure to buy local honeycomb!

Most likely you will not find it at a grocery store. I get it in my backyard from my own bees. You don’t get any more local than that!!

honeycomb ice cream

1 Qt cream
1 Qt half and half
2 cups milk
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup local honey (no comb)
1 vanilla bean
1 whole nutmeg (you only need about 1/8th tsp of it grated)
pinch of salt

1 1/2 cup honey with comb

  1. Split vanilla bean from end to end then heat on low with milk to a scald and cool.
  2. When cool, remove bean and scrape vanilla seeds from inside of the bean into the milk with a knife.
  3. Grate the nutmeg into your milk.
  4. Combine all ingredients except comb honey.
  5. Follow the directions on your ice cream maker and make your ice cream.
  6. When done – as you transfer to another container – swirl the honey comb by the spoonfuls into the finished ice cream and put in deep freezer.
  7. Allow to freeze overnight or as long as you can hold out!!

When doing the swirl of the honey comb the goal is to create a honeycomb ice cream that is swirled similarly to a fudge ripple but you just can’t see it!

This recipe can be made using vanilla extract and powdered nutmeg but the real thing will give you a honeycomb ice cream that is by far the best ice cream you and your family have ever tasted!!

The light crunch you get when eating the honeycomb ice cream is unique!

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