Kids Outdoor Fun-Healthy Activities

Kids Playing In Dirt-Fun Healthy Outdoor Activities

This is a follow up article to the one I wrote a few weeks ago about kids playing in the dirt. Children who are involved in outdoor activities have a stronger immune system. I wanted to share some of the outdoor activities that we have had fun with this Fall.

Children Playing In Dirt

Studies are showing that children who play in dirt have a stronger immune system.  The exposure to more germs boosts the immune system.  There are many outdoor activities that are inexpensive, fun and will help your kids have an appreciation of nature as well.

An outdoor activity that we participated in this fall  was the Sweet Potato Festival.  We literally got an opportunity to dig in the dirt.

Play In dirt

Big Kids & Little Kids Enjoyed The Day

outdoor active kids

Happy Kid With Fruit Of Labor

Healthy Children’s Activities

Healthy outdoor activities are not hard to find.  Picking pumpkins gave us an entire afternoon of fun. Children who spend time outside have a better appreciation of nature and will be better stewards of our earth!

boosting immune system

Picking Pumpkins

kids outdoor fun

A Great Day To Be Outdoors!

Spending an entire day outside with children picking pumpkins is a very affordable activity and an excellent investment in children’s health. Children who spend time outside are less likely to develop depression.

children play in dirt

The Best Pumpkin

fight childhood depression

Outdoor Fun Can Be Exhausting!

Give your children the gift of a strong immune system and good health. Find some outdoor activities and take the kids for some fun playing in the dirt.

Healthy Children = Happy Children

Your children deserve to be healthy.  A child will be much happier when they have lifelong good health.  Raising healthy kids in the 21st century does not have to be expensive but it does take some thought and knowledge.  Keep your kids healthy by encouraging an active outdoor lifestyle and provide them with a natural whole food diet.

Please share some comments of outdoor activities that you enjoy with the kids in the comment box below!

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    Shared by: Lisa Pimlico:

    we took our kids to the apple harvest festival in the Michigan farm country. It was a bit crowded but on the way home we stopped at a pick your own apple place. They have a guy who goes with you and climbs and shakes the trees then we pick up the apples and pay by the bag. It was fun to see different types of apples growing for the kids.

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