Add Dietary Fiber With Quick Switches At Every Meal!

Studies have shown that on average American kids get less than half of the dietary fiber they need in the foods that they eat each day.

Dietary fiber is a big part of a healthy lifestyle for all age groups and plays an important role in many aspects of a long and healthy life.

Kids need dietary fiber to grow up and stay healthy.

Fiber plays a huge role in digestive health as well as heart health.

Fiber is easy to find in everyday foods that we feed our kids, with only a couple of quick switches in your accustomed foods and meal planning.

Foods Good For Your Heart

Foods that are high in fiber are good for your heart and are the basis of all healthy diets. High-fiber foods are always the natural ones with very little processing.

Print out this heart-healthy high-fiber chart and hang it on the refrigerator as a daily reminder to add more high fiber foods to your kids’ diets.

Eat More Fiber

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High Dietary Fiber Foods List

Here are a couple of quick high-fiber food switches that are easy to incorporate into your family’s meal planning.

Make these high-fiber switcheroos and set your kids up for a healthy high-fiber Diet.

High Fiber – Low Carb Foods

Eating high-fiber whole foods means that you will be eating lower carb foods too.

Here are some easy switcheroos that you can make at breakfast.

  • Switch Rice Krispies to a bowl of oatmeal
  • Have Wheatena instead of cream of wheat.
  • Eat Cheerios instead of Special K
  • Have whole wheat toast instead of Wonder bread.
  • Make Hodgson Mills buckwheat pancakes instead of Bisquick pancakes.

It is easy to make some quick switches at lunch and get more good-for-your-heart foods in your diet menu.

  • Have brown rice instead of white rice with your stir-fry.
  • Use Ezekeil bread instead of white bread.
  • Use whole wheat wraps for your burrito instead of white flour wraps.
  • Make a pizza crust using half white and half whole wheat flour.
  • Put your tuna on a whole grain rye bread not enriched rye.

High Soluble Fiber Foods

Foods that are high in soluble fiber are good for your digestive tract and have more vitamins and minerals too. Here are some high-soluble-fat snacks:Join The 6 Weeks Wow Diet Program

  • Eat Triscuits instead of saltines.
  • Enjoy corn tortilla chips instead of potato chips.
  • Get brown rice cakes at your health food store instead of white.
  • Pop your own popcorn instead of buying Cheese Doodles.
  • Buy Ak-mak wheat crackers instead of Keebler Townhouse Wheats.
  • Try Carrs Whole Wheat crackers instead of Ritz whole wheat
  • Go Kashi TLC Cheddar instead of Nabisco Chicken In A Basket

Incorporating high-fiber foods into dinner is a simple change too. Try some new grains for dinner. You will find them a tasty change that the whole family will enjoy.

  • Enjoy millet or quinoa instead of couscous.
  • Make your lasagna with whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta.
  • Put barley in the soup instead of enriched noodles.
  • Throw a hand full of brown rice into your white rice medley.

Kids Deserve Diets For Healthy Hearts

The whole family’s health and wellness will benefit from more dietary fiber!

Your children are establishing their eating habits now for the rest of their lives.

These whole grain choices will give you and everyone the high-fiber nutrient-packed foods that they deserve.

Whole foods make up all healthy natural diets, and whole foods are naturally high in fiber.

Make the heart-healthy, high-fiber switcheroo for your children.

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    Shared by: Brian Hurlburt:

    Loving the 6 Week Diet! Lot’s of great info, and I’m seeing a differnce in energy and overall well being! 😉

    Shared by: Deb, The Healthy Chef:

    No Worries, Vickie – If you want to start over or put the emails on hold for a while just send me an email. Once you join the 6 week program you are in for life, so you can always start again.

    Shared by: vickie dunfee:

    Thank you Deb, I will start at least in about two days just a little behind, taking care of my 2yr old granddaughter. I think I’m going to like this program (6wk program). I did something like this yrs ago remember opt fast did good on it then couldn’t partake second part of program so there ya go here comes the weight back on. I’m really excited to get started, and do like all emails etc ph calls, by the way I did receive your second one thanks, well off to the store today soon to get started, again thank you.

    Shared by: Nikki D.:

    Thanks once again for the insight Deb. With these simple changes, We are well on our way to healthier lives.

    Shared by: Jerry Asbury:

    Wow! I love this picture. I did not know it was so easy to add more fiber to my day. My doctor said to get metamucil and I think I will try this switcheroo instead for a while.

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