What Ingredients Are In A Box Of Macaroni And Cheese?

The Debbie Banana elementary school assembly teaches school children what is really in that box of mac ‘n cheese.
Deb Banana healthy school programs

The program teaches children what ingredients are in that blue box of macaroni and cheese and how important it is to eat five fruits and veggies a day.

Bobby Banana Helathy School program

Debbie Banana teams up with her friend Bobbie Banana and the Crazy Mad Scientist to bring the children an exciting school assembly and wellness program.

Bobbie provides the music and lively video. Deb Banana brings the concept of 5 fruits and vegetables a day to the children and the crazy Mad Scientist shows the children what all those chemicals mean.

The program often times is paid for by the school’s health and wellness grants and brings the students a new understanding of what whole food really is.

This is not your typical boring healthy school assembly!!

Ingredients In Boxed Macaroni & Cheese

Depending on the the brand the exact ingredients may differ from box to box.

Some of the more interesting ingredients that I have seen on mac n’ cheese labels include:

White Flour (not whole food)
Glyceryl Monostearate (algae)
Ferrous Sulfate
Malto Dextrin (sugar)
Hydrogenated Fat
Cheese Culture
More Salt
Corn Starch
Powdered Cellulose (saw dust or wood fiber)
Corn Syrup (sugar)
More Salt
Sodium Phosphate
Sodium Caseinate
Natural Flavor (not really natural)
Artificial Flavor (as natural, made in factories that make shaving cream and floor soap)
Autoloyzed Yeast (man-made MSG)
Citric Acid (fake lemon juice)
Monoglycerides (made from coconuts)
Titanium Dioxide (rocks)
FDC Yellow # 5 (made from tar)
FDC Yellow # 6 (made from petroleum)
Yellow Lake # 5 (same)
FDC Red (made from ground up spiders)

Kids Deserve Real-Whole Food

Does that look good to you? Your kids deserve the best! Give your children real food.

Home made macaroni and cheese does not take any more time to make. It just takes thought, planning and willingness. Your kids deserve to be healthy and whole food choices will give them a healthy future.

Invite Debbie Banana To your school district to improve your student health and wellness. They deserve it!

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    You are so right. If we all took a little more time in reading the ingredients on foods, we’d all be more responsible in maintaining our health. I like the pictures. You look like you were having fun. Your so creative.

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