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Cooking With Kids For Health

kids cooking healthy Learn how Cooking With Kid before 12 keeps them healthier all their life. Your kids deserve to be healthier. Read how to give them the gift of good health!

Kids Outdoor Fun-Healthy Activities

boosting immune system Children who play in the dirt have a boost immune system. Take your kids out for fun outdoor activities. Boosting will improve and fight depression in kids.

Boosting Kids Immune System Playing In Dirt

boosging kids immune system Allowing kids to play in the dirt goes a long way to boosting kids immune system. Let the kids have fun and boost their disease fighting ability.

Add Dietary Fiber With Quick Switches At Every Meal!

dietary fiber Dietary fiber is a big part of a healthy lifestyle & plays an important role in a healthy life. Learn quick switches to increase fiber at every meal.

How To Make Healthy Smoothie

Quick & Healthy Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

This kid-friendly snack is fun to make and is good for the kids too.  Children 1-8 years old should consume about 22 oz. of milk or dairy products a day. This great shake will give your kids 400 mg. of calcium in one serving. Children who cook or prepare food will eat better their whole lives.  This fun and nutritious smoothie is easy to make and fun too.  Make this healthy smoothie with your children.

½ cup strawberries-washed and capped
8 oz. lemon yogurt
¾ cup skim milk
2-3 ice cubes

1. Put …

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