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Cooking With Kids For Health

kids cooking healthy Learn how Cooking With Kid before 12 keeps them healthier all their life. Your kids deserve to be healthier. Read how to give them the gift of good health!

Holiday Gifts In A Jar-Gift Giving Ideas

Gifts In A Jar =  Great Food Craft For Kids

Making gifts in a jar can be a rewarding afternoon with the kids making a craft that becomes a gift. Gifts in a jar are a great holiday gift that can be rewarding for the kids and also for the person receiving.  Whenever kids cook or “play” with food before they are 12, it impacts their lifelong good health. Even though brownies are not healthy, this is an opportunity to teach small children the value of time in the kitchen. Using a small amount of whole wheat flour does not …

Kids Outdoor Fun-Healthy Activities

Kids Playing In Dirt-Fun Healthy Outdoor Activities

This is a follow up article to the one I wrote a few weeks ago about kids playing in the dirt. Children who are involved in outdoor activities have a stronger immune system. I wanted to share some of the outdoor activities that we have had fun with this Fall.

Children Playing In Dirt

Studies are showing that children who play in dirt have a stronger immune system.  The exposure to more germs boosts the immune system.  There are many outdoor activities that are inexpensive, fun and will help your kids have …

Healthy Ideas For Kids Lunch Boxes

Healthy Food For Lunch Boxes

When packing your kids’ lunch boxes, think fuel!  The food you put in your child’s lunch box or brown bag lunch should sustain her/him for the day.  Your lunch box food can give your child the ability to be a better student.  A well-thought-out healthy lunch is the best investment you can make in your child’s education.

Quick and Easy Lunch Box Check List

Use this quick and easy checklist to ensure you are packing a lunch that is nutritionally sound.  Pack kid-sized portions and choose one from each group to give your child all …

Boosting Kids Immune System Playing In Dirt

boosging kids immune system Allowing kids to play in the dirt goes a long way to boosting kids immune system. Let the kids have fun and boost their disease fighting ability.

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