Is Competitive Body Building Healthy?

Is Body Building For Physique Competition Unhealthy?

As a competitive body builder I hear those are two questions often. Over the past couple of months as I prepared for the show it seems as though a day does not pass that someone does not say to me “Is that Healthy?” or “That doesn’t sound healthy!” Natural body building for physique competition is healthy because natural competitive body builders are very in tune with their bodies. They understand how the body works, make good choices for their health and development, live a clean life and consistently exercise and eat right. Natural body building is not unhealthy because natural body builders are very focused on their health.

Understanding Competitive Body Building

One of the reasons that people think body building is unhealthy is that they do not understand what it really is and what goes into developing your physique to competition levels. Bodybuilding is the process of maximizing muscle development through the combination of weight training, diet, and rest. In the sport of competitive bodybuilding, bodybuilders display their physiques to a panel of judges, who assign points based on their aesthetic appearance. They are judged on symmetry, muscularity and posing technique. The muscles are displayed to look their best through a combination of fat reduction, oils, and tanning (or tanning lotions) combined with stage lights, and posing ability to make the muscles distinct.

Several Areas Of Concern

The reasons that people ask me “Is body building healthy?” or “Isn’t that unhealthy?” is because there are several areas of concern regarding the way body builders prepare for a competition. They are:
protein loading
dieting down to competition weight
sodium depletion
starving yourself
Steroid or drug use

Deb’s Rear Double Bicep Display, July 2006

Deb The Body Builder

Your Body Is A Gift

Natural body builders are dedicated to the use of only whole and healthy foods, techniques and supplements. Like all sports or activities there are a few who “take the easier softer way” or “cheat” using poor choices, drugs or generally shed a bad light on body building. The vast majority of body building believe that their body as a gift and they treat it as such. The choices they make reflect that in their everyday life year-round whether preparing for competition or not.

Competitive Body Building Is Healthy

When it comes to their body, the body builder always puts the best investment first. When choosing food, rest, supplements, exercise and good living choices on a daily basis a natural body builder prioritizes health and good living choices as an investment over their career, kids, indulgences, busy lives, entertainment, and other commitments. There is no better investment in life than your health. You are useless to all other aspects of your life without your health. A natural body builder understands this and lives it on a daily basis along side other activities.

I spent 12 hours yesterday with 100 or more body builders and I can tell you that body building is a healthy sport. Over the next couple weeks I will create posts on all of the common concerns/questions listed above to give you a better understanding of the hobby/sport of physique body building competitions.

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    Goji Juice

    The Secret Of The Goji Berry

    The goji berry is native to the Himalayas. Because of the extreme weather conditions, the berry has adapted to the harsh environment by storing nutrients. When humans eat these berries the same nutritious properties are transferred to the person eating it. While Western medicine focuses on finding cures and fixes for illness, the Eastern philosophy focuses on preventative living to stay healthy.
    Diet CDS
    The goji berry is a power house for any proactive healthy living program. The secret of the goji berry is that it is the most intense, highest quality, most nutrient dense berry on earth. On top of that is the fact that it is also one of the most easily absorbed berry on earth.

    Check out the previously posted related article on acidosis: Click here

    The Many Goji Berry Benefits

    Like all berries there are any benefits to eating to eating goji berries. I am going to keep this simple and not get into all the technical, chemical and medical mumbo-jumbo-terminology. These are just some of the changes people have seen and which have been documented when including goji juice into a regular daily diet: Diet CDS

    • Longevity
    • Increased energy
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Cancer recovery
    • Relieve headache
    • Improve digestion
    • Fight inflammation of arthritis
    • Improved sleep
    • Restore ph balance
    • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
    • Increase eye health
    • Improved immune system
    • Balance blood sugars
    • Inhibit tumor growth
    • Increased calcium absorption

    Tenzing Norgay Climbed Everest

    Tenzing Norgay was on the top of Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. He also summited Everest with almost every expedition that climbed Everest over the next 20 years. The fact that Norgay and all sherpas are the packers, the load carriers, to the top of Everest for every foreigner that attempts the summit is a testament to the powers of the goji berry. In areas isolated all across Asia, where the populations consume the native goji berries daily the benefits of the nutrient dense fruit are obvious. Many people live long and energetic lives well past 100 years. Living to the age of 120 is not uncommon. These people are virtually fee of pain and illness.
    Diet CDS
    The many conditions that are plaguing the modern world are almost non-existent. Long living people eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. The nutrient dense goji berry juice is an awesome addition to any healthy diet. If it is good enough for Tensing, then it is good enough for me! How about you?

    Body Builders, Steak Lovers, Dieters

    Body builders, Americans who love their steaks and high protein dieters will all benefit from the goji berries ability to keep the PH balanced in your body. In addition everyone will benefit from the antioxidant rich gogi juice because of it ability to build and support a strong immune system and lifestyle.

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      Good-For-You Milk Shake

      Milkshakes Can Be Good-For-You

      This Good-For-You Milk Shake makes a refreshing healthy snack for adults and kids!

      Yogurt is one of the top 12 super foods so now instead of a high calorie junk food this recipe will create a snack treat that is nutritious and healthy.

      Milk Shake For Kids

      This shake is delicious for anyone but I say it is a shake for kids as it has more calories. This will serve 3 excited kids!

      8 oz. plain non-fat yogurt
      2 bananas
      8 oz. 100% pineapple juice
      dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla
      ice to fill blender
      Blend on high till ice is crushed

      High Fiber – Protein Shake For Adults

      good for you milkshakeThis is an awesome shake that will give you plenty of nutrients.

      Just mix this up to in your blender, no exact measurements required. Just wing it every time!!

      4 oz. plain non-fat yogurt
      1 banana or any fruit you want
      5 oz. milk or water
      dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla optional
      4-5 ice cubes
      1 scoop Greens Plus Powder
      1/2 portion protein powder

      When you add one portion of protein powder it is as good as dinner. Pick a protein powder that is 100% whey or egg white protein with no added sugars or non-nutritive sweeteners.

      A side benefit of the Greens Plus protein shake is that you will poop good! Guaranteed!!

      NOTE: Unless you are a body builder most likely a half portion based on the package recommendations will be fine. We do not need to over consume the protein.

      I even add my liquid bio-available vitamins to this to make a real POWER Shake and afternoon pick-me-up. Click this link to learn more about bio-available vitamins and also find good quality whey protein powder.

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